Swallen ear lobe


10 Years
Jan 21, 2014
Hi guys,
One of my girls started to show swollen ear lobe. It has become a kind of like a little bag filled with liquid. I have no idea what happened, or why she got it in the first place, but I took her to vet who gave me $854 estimate to do the surgery. To say that I was speechless is not to say anything at all. I asked vet to just give me antibiotics and so far I have been administering it for 7 out of 10 days. Its got a little better, but still filled with the fluid.
Any idea what could cause this kind of thing and most important what to do if antibiotics won't help (which seems to be the case)?
Thank you all.
Can you please post some photos?

What antibiotic are you using?
Any signs of infection inside the ear - yellow pus, mites, etc.?
Any other symptoms - coughing, sneezing, facial swelling, bubbles in the eyes, lesions/canker/white pasty material inside the beak?
Any ticks, lice or mites on the body or head?
There is no puss or any sign of physical damage.
No other symptoms either, she walks around with the flock just like any other hen.
No sign of ticks or any other bugs on her.
I am using whatever antibiotic vet gave us, but will check later exact name.

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