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  1. lisa lees

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    [​IMG]what breed do u guys think she is I got her from a man on cregs list he sold us a copper maran rooster and 4 copper hens he gave us this lovely lady for free because her feet are disfigured she has 5 toes but there all crooked when we got her she was horrible thin and her feathers were tattered and dull he was going to leave her for the coons but of course I could not let that happen but he never told us what breed she is she has come along way and I just love her her name is sweetie its a very fitting name
  2. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    She is a Salmon faverolle - they are generally very mellow and extremely good setters and mothers.
  3. lisa lees

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    I dont know if she is a good mother because she dont lay eggs I cant let her out with the other chickens because she gets picked on really bad and she is afraid of the other hens so she has her own pen that they cant get into when it rains she turns into a house chicken she is super mellow though
  4. donrae

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    Salmon faverolle. She looks too young to lay, from that comb.
  5. lisa lees

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    Her comb and face is red I thought she was probably pretty young but I also thought that maybe it would not get any darker I have australorp that has been laying for a few mo. Now and just got her comb in and then another australorp the same age who's face is completely red with a full comb in fact I thought she was a rooster before I actually got a rooster and saw what they look like

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