switching to unmedicated at 5 weeks?

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    Jun 27, 2008
    I had been getting medicated chick starter in small packages from my local feed store until recently and my 4 pullets (now 5 weeks old) are eating more than ever so I am almost out of my medicated starter. I went a different store this time (Tractor Supply store - and got Stall-Dri! Yippee!) and they had 50 lb bags of 24% starter, or 25 lb bags of 20% starter/grower - and since I've read that food loses nutrition over time and that I should buy smaller amounts, I bought the 20 lb bag of Dumor 20% protein starter/grower. Now that I'm home I'm realizing that is is not medicated, and my chicks are only 5 weeks and I read conflicting things about their need for medicated food. They do still have runny poops from time to time and I would hate for them to get coccidosis. Since they are a small flock (4) and not around other chickens, is it okay to shirt them to unmedicated feed? Also, the starter feed has different % of protein for different brands - so my switch to Dumor is a slightly higher protein % than I was using before. Is that switch okay?
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    I'd switch them right on over to the Dumor. I never feed medicated and haven't had any problems with cocci to date. My chickens are an isolated flock as well, although cocci can be dormant in the ground for many years even if there aren't any chickens around...

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