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Feb 20, 2021
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My SLW just had bumblefoot, and after I dug the scab out, I sprayed it with some Vetrycerin and wrapped it with the Vet Wrap. It's been three days, and it looked good enough for me to take the wrapper off, so I did and then I noticed that her toes are swollen more that the ones on her other foot. Why? Is this a problem?
Anytime anything (animal or person) is sick and seems better, it's best to give them another week just to be sure. I'll be praying for your hen. :hugs
Thanks for praying.
Picture of her affected foot, please.
Sounds like possible infection, 2x ... 3days wrapped isn't long enough for the wound to heal. Did you get the "kernel"?
I’ll keep it on a little bit longer, then. I did get the kernel.
How tight were the wrappings?
I’ll post a pic soon, they weren’t so tight that her toes couldn’t get oxygen.
Where you re - rapping it at least once every 24 hours?
I wasn’t.

It’s scabbed over now.

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