Swollen lower beak


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Hello, hoping to pick someones brain! I have had chickens for years, and this spring I decded to hatch out eggs from a Japanese Bantam pair we adopted a year ago. One of the chicks after about 2-3 weeks of age slowly started to develop a swollen lower beak. No discharge, just swelling. I was never able to look in the mouth, but eating, drinking, scratching bedding. Maybe a little stunted growth. Could this b wet pox? The erson who adoted her still wanted her, but he thought it was a viruuslike wet pox. Any thoughts? The other chicks in her batch were fine even after she was showing symptoms for a week. How could she hav gotten it if my other birds dont have symptoms? Could the mother hen have harboured it and spread it hrough the egg? Just concerned for my flovk and other babies. Could it be a genetic abnormality?

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