T-Rex eggs 72 feet tall


Henely Hatchery
10 Years
May 20, 2009
Northern Illinois
welcome to this amazing auction where we will be selling dinasaur eggs for the first time to the public GREAT WITH KIDS!!!!! buy now for a steal! HAHAHAHAHAHA i make myself laugh! email for pics........ thx
Do they eat chickens???
not at all they're very sweet LOL they do eat an occasional human but were breeding that trait out you shouldn't be worried!
Hmm, do you think my chickens would sit on them and hatch them out? Although for eggs that size I might need a few more chickens.
i agree maybe three chickens could do the trick or some type of emu lol rofl thats what im gonna use now is an emu to hatch out my dinos......... o wow i just hatched out an albino stegasarous! g2g and take it away from the mom b4 she eats it ......lol

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