Tan eggs, now green!


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Aug 18, 2011
I have 2 Araucanas, 2 Cuckoo Marans, 1 Wyandotte and 1 Krainkoppe. All born in March, began laying in August. I get about 4 eggs a day ranging from very pale tan, to dark brown.

Today, my haul included 3 of the expected colors, and a GREEN egg!

They haven't had anything different/unusual from my kitchen leavings, and the feed is the same.

Any explanation?


Mrs. Chicken Pam
so christened by my little neighbor girls who love to visit my flock
Does your Araucana normally lay blue eggs?
If you're getting a sudden green egg either A) your Araucana used to lay blue but now gave you a random glitch or B) you never had green or blue eggs and your "Araucana" is actually an Easter Egger / cross.
This is the FIRST egg that wasn't in the tan/brown range I've ever gotten! I actually think she is Ameraucana (if there is a difference). Got her from Ideal Poultry.

So..... either she's been laying all along and now the color changed (is this possible?) OR - she hasn't been laying and this is her first, which is odd since she's nearly 10 months old....
Easter egger hen that just started laying is my thought. There can be variations in shade of shell, but a hen won't change color from brown to green.
THose ameracaunas are a late starting breed. I think she has just begun laying. Mine are just starting also at 10 months! Lazy birds....but I bet they will lay longer! Terri O (PS) arent blue eggs cool?
As requested, here are some photos.... let's see if I get it right, I'm a noob!

Below is a photo of my 6 hens, one of the ones in question is in the foreground. This photo is less than a month old, they are all about 9 months in age.

And this photo is of the eggs that I have been getting (until yesterday).

And finally, yesterday's eggs:

And all this time, I thought all six girls were laying consistently! I must say, I am so tickled - I was disappointed initially that the ones that were "supposed" to be laying blue/green eggs weren't, I thought they were laying the pretty tanish/pinkish ones.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your knowledge!

Mrs. Chicken Pam
so christened by the cute neighbor girls that love visiting my chickens

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