Tape worms??!! Very gross picture included


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May 16, 2015
Just went outside tonight to check on my flock and next to a few of my hens sleeping was a small pile of worms obviously one had just pooped out. It's was a mass of long tapeworms!! Several of them! I was so freaked out! I just dewormed the whole flock about 2 months ago with ivomec. I have about 65 chickens and the free range on about a little less than 1/2 a acre. I've read through lots of worm posts and people who have had tapeworms in their chickens say they only see little white segments. I realize this means at least this hen(she is about 6 months ) in particular has a huge worm load and will assume the whole flock is infested.
Is this common or does this happen-passing large whole tapeworms??? They are def not roundworms. They are long flat and off white in color. Def tapeworms. To dark to get a pic. I've real valbazan is best to use? I'm just surprised ivomec didn't help at all?! I'm just so disturbed by these worms! Can they be passed into the egg?? And also can my dogs catch tapeworms from them? Thanks in advance for any advice!!!
Do you have any pictures? Tapeworms can be difficult to control. There are many threads available to read if you do a search at the top of this page in the search box. I'm not an expert, but I believe Praziquantal is the drug that is very effective against them. That is found in Zimectrin Gold equine wormer and others. Look for posts by Casportpony and Dawg53, and others who have treated them.
I went back outside and took a pic. They were getting dried up and were no longer moving ugh but you can see the segments. I'll try to attach. I did read several threads on it but most said you will only see small segments in the pool. This was def whole long worms. Wondered if that does happen?? Id never seen that in all the years iv had chickens. I already got online and ordered the meds it seems most were recommending.

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