Teacher Needs Donation of Turkey Eggs


Feb 28, 2018
Hi All!

I'm looking for turkey eggs for my high school agriculture class. We had several donors who fell through for a number of reasons, and now we are up on a deadline to get hatching eggs. I was hoping to get approximately 1-2 dozen hatching eggs for my class. Next fall, the kids are going to get a local butcher to help them dress the turkeys for Thanksgiving, and sell them as their major fundraiser. We are hoping to take the kids to Epcot to see the genetically-modified vegetables and hydroponics gardens. :)

Miss Cyndi Dickerson
Montessori High School
Lexington, KY
(502) 905-8982
Wish I could help, only have one tom and one hen and she hasn't started laying yet.
However, you might try posting in your state thread. You could possibly find someone local or at least close.
Good luck! I hope you are able to get eggs and a great hatch!

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