Teaching a Rooster.

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    I have just had it confirmed that my White Leghorn pullet is a rooster.
    He gave him self up today by trying to mount one of the hens today, she was out of his league though, a fancy Wyandotte pullet!
    He isn't very good at it i will admit, he came up to her side and grabbed the back of her head then attempted to jump on her but just fell over and ran off in embarrassment[​IMG].

    I'm not really sure what to do with him now, I can in theory have a rooster but we are good friends with our neighbors and they are not keen on a rooster cowing before at least 6:30 of a morning. Is there any way I can train him not to crow or is it an inevitable thing that will happen? He is my very first hatched and raised chick so wouldn't be to keen on giving him away.
  2. nope, it'll happen
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  3. cluckcluckluke

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    Is there any way I can quiet him until 6:30?
  4. You could try keeping the coop dark
  5. cluckcluckluke

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    Oh, well that's already sorted, we where going to get some windows put in because it was so dark. I guess i will just leave it.
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    You really should have a window in the coop to let light in and for ventilation. We have 2 on opposite walls, so they can have a cross breeze in the warmer weather. I guess you could put some kind of window blind / shade over it and then when you check on them in the morning, open the blind up then.
    Thank goodness, our closest neighbor is about a 1/4 mile one direction and a half mile in the othe direction. No one has complained about our roosters crowing yet. Some of our neighbors have dogs barking once in awhile. We don't complain.
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    Jan 6, 2012
    I live out of the city limits. Let them complain all they want. Even though my neighbor right next to me has a few chickens now too. With 2 roosters. When he's start crowing mine start singing back to them. [​IMG] But there isn't a thing you can do to stop them from crowing. Some rooster crow more than others. Maybe you will have a quite one lol.
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  8. cluckcluckluke

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    I hope because he is surrounded by girls he will me more feminine or it could be the complete opposite.lol.

    I do have plenty of ventilation, the roost just seems to be dark.
  9. cafarmgirl

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    Nope, your right, just the opposite! [​IMG] A rooster is never happier and feeling more "manley" then when he's surrounded by all his girls! Mine crows the most when he is out in the pasture standing in the middle of all his hens, he just can't contain himself!
  10. cluckcluckluke

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    oh [​IMG] and it's a Leghorn so he will be crowing soon as they mature faster, don't they?
    Well he is a lucky boy and has got 23 girls he can show off to!

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