Teaching Nursing students about GMO and other issues related to health...suggestions?

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    Mar 7, 2015
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    I am a nursing instructor and I have done what I can to introduce chickens (and gardening) to my student's in an effort to teach them about the facts of nutritional life! No, I am not super hard core, but I have seen the differences growing up and tending seniors that were good old "salt of the earth" folk vs trying to be healthy folks now. I have seen what it is doing and I want to tell my students and educate them on good REAL clean living being a great choice!

    I would love to have any suggestions! I don't wish for a Monsanto debate (although I actually could spin yarns on that!) or whatnot...but real life stories I can tell them that will stick in their minds and help others towards a better way of life!

    Why did you all choose chickens to raise? Or what is your awesome down to earth story?! I love this stuff and do tell my students about it to make better nurses for the future! This forum is so great about being heartfelt...I am excited to learn!

    Thank you all! This would be so awesome for helping out the future!


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    Nov 7, 2012
    I can say: How very important it is to take care of your health in the NOW. You never know when a health issue will sneak up on you. If my husband hadn't been healthy. If he had any issues like being obese, a history of smoking, a history of drinking... I'd have been a widow over 20 years ago. Going into an acute illness with a very poor prognosis, but with initial good health gave him the stamina to be a survivor.

    I can say that having a garden, and having poultry gives me an edge: It gives me an appreciation for this wonderful creation we've been blessed with. It gives me more fresh air, more exercise, better nutrition. Without my garden and my flock, the desire to get outside would not be as strong. My weight has been much easier to control since getting chickens! My chickens are little power machines. They till my soil, they eat my bugs, they fertilize my soil. My garden gives my incredible produce all summer. I get the world's freshest, best tasting, most nutritious eggs for breakfast every morning. They also help me to develop relationships with my neighbors. I've met some wonderful people when they come looking for good fresh eggs. This life style provides spiritual, physical, emotional, and economic benefit!

    Feel free to use any and all of my statements with your nursing students. BTW, I heard on the radio last week that NURSING is THE most respected profession in the USA! (ie: nurses are thought to be the most TRUSTWORTHY people)

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