Teenage Orpington Roo - Southern CA


Mar 8, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
I've got a teenage Orpington I picked up from my local feed store that turned out to be a roo. So far he seems a good boy, he tid bits to his girls, he keeps his eyes on the sky while they are out foraging. I'm not certain I want to rehome him, but I already have a resident rooster and not sure he will accept the young roo. Plus I only have 6 girls, which isn't really enough for 2 boys. I'm on a wait and see status on how things go. I named him Gandalf, because he is grey. He's still weary of humans, skittish, but once you catch him, he settles down. I'm still working on that.
I'm potentially looking for a home that won't eat him, gives him a big flock of his own, room to forage, a safe coop to sleep in at night.


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