Tell me about the Toulouse Goose :)


9 Years
May 13, 2010
I'm thinking about it....want to know how they'd get along with ducks...if I could have 1 male and 1 female....feed....housing...habits...
The Toulouse is the tamest goose. So if you have it in with any other bird that is aggressive it could starve or be picked on. It won't pick back. This will disrupt their nesting etc. They are very sensitive. They are an old very heavy breed and very sweet. I think one of the sweetest breeds. Good luck with them.. OH.. most Toulouse are crossed with Emden, so they are taller, not as heavy and a bit more independent, but the Emben is sweet to, but they will fight for food where the Toulouse won't.
These are crossed I think with african geese? The ad said African Toulouse (grey)...does that change anything? Not that it matters because I will seperate if necessary
I have a 1 yr old Gray Toulouse, I am not sure of the sex but I think it's a female. It was very docile when I had my white goose--that was the dominate one. But it got killed by a coyote. Now the Toulouse is the sole goose (have a Toulouse gosling but it hasn't been let out with yet) & it is still pretty laid back. But it is territorial and chases after anything/anyone that comes close by. Except me. It knows I am number one in the pecking order!

It will eat out of my hand. The duck that it was raised with keeps going into hiding trying to hatch some eggs and tends to get lonely. It goes crazy with excitement when the duck comes out and will come running/flying across the pasture when it hears the duck come out quacking.
Also, since I got the gosling, it will stand for hours in front of the brooder pen just staring at it.
Well, as time passes, my desire to get a couple of Toulouse goslings is getting much stronger. I need to find out their needs in the brooder. At the feed store, they are the cutest and most personable of the waterfowl. I think they'd be good "watch geese" up at my new home in the Sierra foothills (for my flock of chickens and ducks). That wouldn't be their sole "purpose" because I cannot avoid loving on my flock members.
When I first got mine, I had them in a large storage tub. I use straw for the bedding-very messy but I think any of it is. I hung a heat lamp over the box. Just adjust til you get the right temp. I think they start at 95° and decrease by 5° each week. I have mine outside in a brooder pen now; it gets 90°+ here during the day so I only turn the light on only at night now. They get the RanchPro game starter crumbles from Atwoods. And I take them out and let 'em run around in the little play yard I made up and let em swim for a few minutes and clean themselves. Then they get to stand in the sunshine and preen.
Check out my Henry pictures- we had to all guess for a long time what type of gosling he was.
I brooded him just like I do ducks- hahahha, no I didnt.
Henry went everywhere with me- he had several dog beds that he slept in, in various places of the house. Or on my chest/lap. He never had a heat lamp. Mainly, I think, because he was always with me.
But, I would think they brood like anything else, just less time needed with a heat lamp (goose down is warm!)

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