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    Hi! I have a brand new hovabator and I am on day 19 (first day of lockdown).

    My incubator ran at about 100 degrees for the prior days, thermoms on the eggs, along the wall etc.

    I took my eggs out of the turner and layed them on the screen. I placed my thermometers in the very center on the screen as well. (didn't know that was wrong at the time)

    Anyways, the thermometers have read 94 for almost 24 hours.

    Do I need to do something, break "lockdown" for this situation?

    thx in advance!
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    Where you want to place your thermometer is on top of the eggs, for the most accurate reading of the temp at which the eggs are actually incubating. When you move the eggs from a turner or egg carton and place them directly on the floor of the brooder, some adjustment may need to be made, as the temperature in the new position in the incubator may be slightly different than it was at the old level.

    If I were you, as long as you have no pips, I would open it as quickly as you can to move the thermometer on top of the eggs, then wait until the temperature stabilizes back out and see what it is reading.
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    the temp is 98 at egg level

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