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I have bantam Salmon Faverolles, d'Uccles, Silkies and Seramas, and all of them have been laying and separated for 2 weeks. I'm not certain if they're pure eggs or not yet, but don't want to hatch the eggs myself (incubators are full of Orps and Chanteclers) and figured there's a good possibility of pure chicks of any of the breeds.

I ship in foam that has precut holes; shipping is a set $15. This is for a dozen even, but if the winner wants 2 dozen, we can double the winning bid and add $8 for the extra foam and shipping.

I have a Blue Salmon roo over Salmon Fav hens; Blue & White roos over Blue, Splash and Partridge Silkie hens; Mille Fleur and Porcelain roos over Porcelain, Lavender and Mottled d'Uccle hens; and mixed Serama colors (incl. true Chocolate) with Frizzled, Smooth and Silkie birds. My hens 'visited' RevolutionMamas Cockerels, if you want to look at her past Serama auctions for pics.

Feel free to ask questions!
I have had a few private message questions and want to clarify:

Price is PER DOZEN.

If you want more than 12 eggs, the shipping goes up $4 for shipping for each set (foam is cut for 6 eggs, and I have to use a new foam if you add 1 egg or 6, 2 foams for 7 to 12 extra, etc.) The winning bid should be divided by 12 to get your PER EGG price.

Good luck!

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