Tetanus (DTaP) vaccine reaction


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Apr 22, 2008
Anyone ever had a bad reaction to a DTaP shot? I was given one on Tuesday and had some pretty significant muscle pain in my arm the next day or two but it was definitely getting better. I barely even noticed it yesterday. It seemed to be getting worse again this afternoon and into the evening. We got home about 40mins ago from a day out at a museum and I rolled up my sleeve to check out my arm and try to figure out why it was hurting again. I realized that my whole upper arm is swollen, red, and warm to the touch. No wonder it's sore again! I called the nurse advice line but they haven't called me back yet. Anyone else had a bad reaction to this shot? I imagine they will just tell me to take some benadryl and get on with my evening...
The nurse just called back and said that I should go to the ER. I soooo don't want to do that, especially on a Saturday night. She said I should try a warm compress and benadryl until I get to the ER, but that I still need to go. Great.
I would definitely go to the ER. However, I know how you feel about ER on a Saturday. It's crazy there. I did get a similiar reaction to yours. I don't know how red and swollen yours is though. But I do know that Tetanus shots do cause that in the arm. But I would still get it checked out. My muscle in my arm hurt for a few weeks actually.
yes-I have had a reaction to the vaccine just as you described. It went away. Ice and motion helped.
My DH got one about 10 years ago. He didn't react at all. I've not been vaccinated since I was about 3.
Hope all goes well for you!
I had a severe reaction to my last tetnus shot. It raised up a huge red welt that stayed for several weeks. My arm was also swollen and hot to the touch and I developed a fever about 4 weeks later. Went to the doc they sent me to er and I got an IV and some other stuff . Was told to NEVER get another tetnus shot. I had that shot 15 years ago and still have a knot under my skin where they gave it. You should go to the ER. I know it sucks but those kind of reactions can get severe quickly. Better safe than sorry.
Hope you have already headed to er. Same thing happened to my sister, she had to have it opened up drained, packed and heavy antibiotics. Nothing to put off as bad as it sounds.

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