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    Dec 31, 2008
    North TX
    Do the feeders allow you to adjust how much feed actually comes out into the tray? If not, look for one that does. The kind that we have is put together with springs and nuts on the middle hanging rod. It allows the reservoir to be raised/lowered against the feed tray so that you can limit the amount of feed that actually gets into the tray at one time.

    One thing with the PVC feeders - they can require some maneuvering to get the feed to come out right if you want to make the trough at the bottom. We use them for grit and oyster shell and love them. But even with using several pieces to make the curve more gentle than a straight 90 degrees, I do have to watch and stick my hand or a rod into it to get the grit to flow back into the trough area every so often. Have had some people tell me that they were never able to get their PVC feeders to keep a consistent flow into the trough. Just something to think about if you are worried about keeping feed available all the time, since they will empty the trough quickly if there is food in there, compared to if you were just putting grit or oyster shell in there.
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    Howdy! Glad I found you guys!
    We're in Red Oak... Far northern Ellis County.
    We've got a pretty mixed bag, and nothing fancy, but we always have plenty of eggs, and the girls all seem happy. :)
    This is what we've been doing this past few days... Our first time at hatching eggs at home. Our mama welsummer has done fantastic!
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    i appreciate the info, i like your wall feeder ken...might have to take a closer look at them when i come by on friday.

    the feeder i have now is not adjustable in any way....just a little cheapie was was actually bought for my first batch that turned into dogfood :(
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    Welcome to the Texas thread. Beautiful babies!
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    Feb 21, 2013
    Welcome! Very cute fuzzy butts!
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    Thanks a ton! :)
    I saw your Google map in your siggy...
    I added myself to it. :) Thanks!
    (I also noticed that the title was "Untitled" and the description was blank. :(
    I added a basic title, and simple instructions as the description. Hope that is cool with you.)
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    Thanks! Yeah, it gets messed up a lot. You should go back once in a while and make sure you are where your supposed to be. It's easy to move things around by accident.
    Welcome to the map. [​IMG]
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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to chickens and am expecting my first order of 5 chicks to arrive in the next few weeks. I've spent so many hours and learned so much on this forum that I feel my new chicks might actually be able to survive me! Thank you for being here!
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    She has litterally taken over the flock. She put herself on top day one she was released, so she diffinitely is the "queen". But she dosen't really pick on anyone. She just dosen't let anyone boss her around.
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    I added myself to your map as well. Good idea!

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