Texoma area (DFW) ISO Roosters of any breed that get along and a silkie (price is just to get this t


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Price open to discussion, obviously. I don't know how to submit a wanted ad with a price....? And it won't let me without putting one.... LOL (Monday somewhere!)

I lost my two roos in a tragedy several months ago. The problem child is under control now and the girls and miss the presence of a rooster. I like crowing. I think they like the structure a rooster provides. Actually, if there were two or three who know each other and get along, that would be great.


I accepted a very young white silkie last March, now named Coco Chanel. (Cute, huh?) She was either the only one that hatched from a clutch of purchased eggs, or for some reason the others were all sold or something and she wasn't. They said she was lonely. She raised 13 baby chicks brought from the feed store, and they don't mind having her around, but the retirees in the flock are abusive. So Coco lives in a big cage in our room, but she seems a bit lonely. I'd love for her to have another silkie for company. A roo would be nice, but a pullet is fine too. She is a well loved pet and that's what they would be, just pets.

We are a sanctuary type situation. No one goes to freezer camp but we are thrilled with eggs when we get them. The chickens have heated coops. Right now there are two coops because the older ladies will not let the young ones in the big coop. Or the young ones don't want to take the chance, I'm not sure.

We feed non-GMO non-soy pellets. The ladies have the two coops mentioned and a large chicken yard, with three feeders. We put out 50# of feed at a time, divided into three puppy feeders. Fresh water. They also get leftovers (but never chicken or eggs!). Overripe fruit, pasta, tomatoes we forgot were in the fridge. They love left over steak (I think they can smell good protein!). Stale chips crushed up. Popcorn. Oh! And they get scratch in the afternoons around 3. I used to let them out in the afternoon but haven't been able to because of the previous incident. Their yard is exceptionally well secured.

Anyway, if you are in the vicinity and have some roosters who get along and/or a silkie (either sex) that would like to join us, please reply. In fact, email me if you would, at CHRIS RN AT BRIAN AND CHRISTINE DOT COM, replacing the at and dot and taking out the spaces....



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I live in SE Oklahoma City and have several young Blue Laced Red Wyandotte roosters for sale for $15 each. They are 4 and 5 months old and have been raised together. Get along fine with each other. Go to the BLRW thread here on BYC, page 732, to see pics of a few of my chickens. I can send pics of the cockerels if you're interested in them.



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I live in the east texas area (along I-20, between tyler and shreveport LA, approx 2-2.5 hrs from DWF) I have WAY too many roosters. I really don't want to have to turn these guys into dumplins, I have at least 2 silkie roos that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with, and at least 3 easter egger roos I would not mind re-homing. Not really looking for any $$ for them, just would like for them to be well cared for. PM me if interested, I will also send you an email!


Oct 29, 2015
Hello there! I'd love to help out, and I'll be in McKinney over the weekend through early next week. I could bring boys on by to you. I have white silkies and Easter egger roosters who've been raised together and have established their pecking order that could go to a home together and a ton of unknown silkies, too (though I have my suspicions) about 10 weeks old now. Let me know if you're still looking, and I'll send you a pm with my contact info.

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