thank you all my girl made it!


12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
I wanted to update you and thank you so much for your support.
My hen Daisy is up and out of the coop and in her pen. See is walking around, slowly, and mingling with her penmates.

Funny thing about animals, there is not even a peep coming out of them and they are enclosed today. I am usually greated with an erray of clucking by 6:30 am it is now 7;45 and all is quiet. Just for her?
Buddy is still the hero and acted like one too.

I saw where some feel that we are all stupid when our girls get attacked. But I also agree with the poster that says she would not like to be held prisoner in a pen.
hooked my pen up against my house to protect them I keep them close to me. I was right there when she was attacked.
It happens even our children get lost, stollen or killed.
s...t happens and it happens to smart careful people just as well and dumb morons. We do not go through the trouble of buying and caring for our hens and roosters just so we can give them to the predators. No one wants it but we all do the best we can.
You are not the only smart one here. I am appreciative of this group and would never imply any of you are careless and uncaring.

You never had a car accident?, you never caught a cold, never lost anything? It happens to the best of us no matter what precautions we take.

Have a wonderful day and again I thank yh9u for your caring.
Blessing to you all

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