The 7th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-A-Long!

Discussion in 'Hatch-A-Longs' started by Happy Chooks, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Lozuufy

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    May 20, 2012
    Welcome! [​IMG]

    And welcome to BYC too!
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    Sep 17, 2014
    It just wouldn't be a proper Easter without a HAL. I'm in. Now I have an excuse to buy more hatching eggs :)
  3. Wickedchicken6

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    Nov 7, 2015
    Southwestern MB, Canada
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    Jan 22, 2011
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    Hmm, I hadn't thought of the water freezing problem, since we usually don't get broilers here until April, so the temps are usually above freezing. My first thought on your setup though would be to move your water and feeder farther away from the heat plates if possible so the chicks have to come out to eat and drink. That is what they would normally do with a broody hen, which the heat plates are mimicking. The chicks can go under the heat plates to sleep and get warm, but they will naturally make small excursions out to explore, scratch, eat, and drink.

    The only suggestion I would have for the waterers is to change them out during the day if they are freezing, and bring them in at night (the coldest time and when the chicks are sleeping) and then take out fresh warmed waterers in the morning. We use the small plastic water bases with glass pint & quart canning jars, since chicks don't drink very much at first, and they are easy to change or clean out frequently.

    Here is a picture of our broiler set-up from last year... in our unheated pole barn...


    Good luck! Your chicks are adorable! I love all the different colors! [​IMG]
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  5. campingshaws

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    Aug 9, 2014
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    Sounds like a plan! :weee I'm going to TRY to get the bator warmed up today and maybe set when I get the fourth egg. :fl The first egg was from the 23rd, so I may even wait for the fifth egg. I took more pics of the chicks. :D [​IMG] [​IMG] Maybe it's just been a while since I've had chicks, but they look a little scraggly to me. :/
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    My Coop

    Well, I'm quite quadridextrous, got my toes tappin away on the keys...
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    May 5, 2015
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    I'm gonna have nightmares about this picture...[​IMG]
    Hey, as long as I get the cook book!!!!!!

    - Ant Farm
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    Start collecting those eggs, but make sure you get the right species. Or things could get interesting at hatch time.

    (Found this pic floating around social media in one of my chicken related groups/pages.)
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    Jun 20, 2015
    Buxton, Maine

    I am new to the Easter Hatch as well so we can be first timers together
  10. NTBugtraq

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    Great advice @JoyfulPromise , I'm going to leave it the way it is for this first night since they aren't really needing anything atm. This will at least show me whether the water freezes. My hope is that the heat being given off by the chicks and plates will be sufficient to keep the water thawed. We get down to 0F at this time of the year, but the greenhouse is at least preventing drafts from moving the heat, so, its possible.

    Then tomorrow I will do as you advise and move the plates apart leaving the water in-between but not under the plates at all, and try that through the next 24 hours.

    If neither of those work, then I'm left with your other option of bringing in the water and putting it out fresh each day.

    Awesome brooder btw...[​IMG]

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