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11 Years
Mar 25, 2008
1 hour north of Sacramento, CA
I gave her 4 eggs when she went broody. The eggs came from my Golden Comets and my Silkie Roo (what a combo huh?) All but 1 hatched and was deemed a dud. This is what I ended up with:

not to but in on your thread, but how long can chicks be left with their mom to be raised
or do they nee dto be put into a brooder(if there are other chickens with the mom)
The mom IS the brooder! She'll keep them warm and fed. I LOVE having mama hen's so much better than brooders.

Generally, the mom is do danged spit-evil to other chickens getting near her chicks, they don't bother. The last flock had only one casualty, but that was my fault. I left the water bucket full of water and the chick waterer went dry, so one chick drowned in the bucket trying to drink like mama did. But she protected them all from hawks, roosters, and everything else. Though, granted, there are some awful mama hens. You'll know!
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