The Bear is back!


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
darlington pa
My Coop
My Coop
I posted a few days ago with foot print,most replies were bear. My dh put up a new camera system,last nite silent alarm went off,followed by motion alarm.We looked outside did not see anything.Well this morning the plastic shed that holds the feed had prints all over it,the hardware wire was pulled in one place,and prints on wire over window. More prints in raised bed by coop.We looked at sec.recording and low and behold a blk bear was on our porch! We called Game comm. andhe said to put up electric fense and bait it with bacon!I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THAT!
I think they suggested that so that the ber would try to take a bite of the bacon get zapped by the fence and in turn becames afraid of the fence...
An electric fence WILL NOT even slow a bear down much less stop it. Just last Sunday a bear went though four electric fences across the road from my property. It was chasing a fawn, which did get away, but only after losing one leg to the bear. These fences are heavy duty fences to keep horses in. One is a beefed up fence because of the stallion. This bear will be back time and again until it gets all the chickens, feed and/or hurts a human. There is but one way to stop a bear that continues to come around humans, call on Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson. Then it is all about the SSS rule. A bear that continues to come around my critters will meet it's maker sooner or later. At that time I will deal with the authories if need be. So far they have always sided with me. Do I shoot every bear that crosses my property, no. They have thier rights, but if it goes after my livestock, I deal it a losing hand every time. They do get a few head yearly and I get one from time to time. They have entered my house 2 times, these made very good bacon and a few good roast. DO NOT give them a chance to hurt a family member.
Thanks for your replies,i will save the money i was going to buy an sure shock charger and fence wire. I am having nightmares about it,and no i do not want it to kill the girls. I will take your advice,i guess i just wanted to hear it! many thanks

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