The brats are wastin feed like mad!


May 19, 2017
North Cakalaki
Grrrrr. I have twoish week old bcm, langashan and br chicks. These monsters are wastin feed like crazy. I have the typical chick feeder round tall thinger with the holes for their noggins. I filled it last night and today.... the only bit that is left is in the bottom of the dish. I put it on a brick to try help this a week ago and it hasnt helped. These are the first we have had to just pick it out like this. They do have a good sized dish with dirt in it to bath and play and lay in..... any other ideas to keep them from this? I am debatin not fillin it up and just lettin them scratch the floor of the brooder for their feed cause that is where it all goes now anyway.


6 Years
Nov 20, 2015
Snohomish County, Washington State
My Coop
My Coop
When ever mine empty a feeder, I take the feeder out for a couple of hours and let the scratch in the bedding for what they spilled. It is a good way to encourage them to clean up.

Doesn't matter if they are babies or adults, I do the same. Well.....I don't even take it out. I just leave the feeder in there until they eat all their food. Doesn't matter to me if it is from the feeder or from the floor. I like to think they are learning a lesson. I know they aren't, but I can act like they are.

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