The Brave Collie and the Broodie Hen - That'll do, Bud


9 Years
Jul 26, 2010
One of our hens went broody and was in the bushes with about 21 eggs in a nest. Had not so much as made a peep til today.

My collie was very concerned and stood by the nest and the hysterical hen barking until I came and saw what was going on.

I picked the hen up and set her down on the ground, and the collie herded her, extremely slowly and gently, all the way back to the hen house and in the door.

'You can shut the door now, Mom'.

THEN said collie went NUTS - spinning, wagging his tail with his butt up in the air in a series of high speed play bows, spinning some more - grabbed a stick and ran around delightedly tossing it in the air.

Herding is an incredible, incredible instinct.
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very nice!! Happy to see when a dog gets a job to do!
Yep collies are very good about herding my chickens on the farm quite well. All five of them while the others would just bark their heads off. One is a chaser for fun (not to kill) so we had to keep her behind LOL! But they LOVE chicken poop!
We had a total of eight collies.
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The other funny thing was that I thought he was just being silly or barking at the neighbor's cat in the next yard, and I scolded him.

And so he stopped. And a couple minutes later, he was back by the hen, barking. When I came out to scold him, he looked up at me on the porch and said more clear than words can say, 'I hope you don't scold me some more, that would make me sad....because you are wrong, and I am right'.
I have an Australian Shepherd/cattle dog mix.. she loves to herd the birds... and its kinda funny because at her previous home she was known as a bird killer... they had two dogs .. and I think she was getting the blame for the other dog's actions.. cause she won't touch these guys

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