The coop is almost done!! Update to show the awesome doors DH made!


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May 3, 2011

I hadn't got everything cleaned up when I took the pic, but it is an 8x10 metal shed -well shaded for the entire day. The run is modular, so we can take off the 12' panel and add two 8' panels and extend the chicken wire on the top and double the size of the run. The outside of the entire coop and run is surrounded by 2' welded wire that we are going to cover with pavers (I think) to prevent predators.

Still have to finish a screen for the big door, a window, and frame out the chicken door.
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Looking pretty darned good. Door is pretty solid.

Might want to beef up the exterior of the run with better wire. It looks like all you have is 1" chicken wire. Some of that 2x4 fence wire off to the right would be a great addition to the security of the run. The only other upgrade I might suggest is that if you do add additional panels, use pressure treated ground contact lumber for the bottom boards that lay on the ground.
Just around the bottom for the extra wire or all over? I thought treated lumber was a bad thing..... oops!

I like the expandability of the run!

And like the previous poster said, the untreated wood may get moldy if it stays damp, so in the future treated wood would be best in those situations.

I like your set-up.

When I move and build a run, I had planned to make it very similar to yours.

Pressure treated lumber is fine. If you ate the sawdust, maybe not, but just sitting there, it isn't going to be an issue. I would put wire all around the sides.
Nice layout! Don't forget to ventilate well as the steel will sweat plus bird areas tend to be very damp anyway.

Modular panels work great! Agree about the chicken wire (coons love it cause they go right thru it but it keeps the birds in for easier catching) and allow for a skirt to keep the diggers out. And no, AWW is not harmful to the birds but what you have will last a long time before you will need to replace it for rotting. You could simply paint the frames and add some pizzazz to your set up.
Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement! I really appreciate it! The coop faces directly south, what side should the nesting boxes go on? Here in Arkansas, the winter wind normally comes from the north west, but on the rare occasions it comes out of the NE it is brutal!
Nice! I was offered one of those sheds for free and would have been happy with a set up like that... instead I spent $500.00 like an idiot! lol oh well.. Good work - thanks for posting

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