The EE braggers thread!!!


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This is the thread where multi colored eggs, leggs and feathers are not only tolerated they are CELEBRATED!!!

These beautiful hearty birds are not Amerikana-wanna-be's, but a colorful personality packed part of many back yard flocks, exhibiting great hybrid vigor - a real American backyard breed! Please post your pics proudly!

This is my oldest hen Roy; she laid a jumbo mint green egg a day through her 6th year, this year at 7 she cut back to about 5 a week. I call her color Buff Columbian . . .

This is Little baby, my customers call her "pheasant colored" and all want to buy chicks like her lol! She lays a light brown egg every day . . . in the most creative places!

These are Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks, they each lay an egg a day, one light green one light brown - they came from Extreme Game birds in Texas

And last but not least, this was Fancy Pants. She was our house favorite personality. She loved my husband and broke into his shop everyday in order to lay her egg on his desk (which included kicking all of his papers onto the floor) . . . unfortunately she alway had egg issues; soft shells, rock hard shells, double yolks (huge) etc. I had to put her down last month when she became eggbound and it broke inside her . . .

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Thanks for starting this thread Katy! I LOVE my EE's - I've got them in LF, bantam and even some that carry the silkie feathering gene. Got 'em with all different colored feathers, different colored legs, and different colored toenails - some with single combs, some with rose combs, some with pea combs. They lay eggs that are small and large, blue, green, pinkish, and brownish - collecting eggs is always a surprise. Each bird is unique, and thats what I love about them!

Here's my roo "Blue", hangin' out with his ladies, and the second pic is Hawkeye and Dotty:



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May 19, 2008
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I have a few with some mixes too!

Squirt is ee/cochin cross

Angel was a total accident, she is ee/serama cross and has the most bizzare comb I have ever seen but she is soooo darn cute! She lays pink eggs

Sage and saffron came from ideal last year. Sage lays a light blue egg (lighter hen) and saffrom lays mint green eggs

ee/cochin cross cockerel currently looking for a new home along with another younger cockerel who is identical to him

Esther came from eggs I got from another byc member, she turns her head away from the camera everytime I try to take her pic!


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Nov 14, 2009
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Very pretty birds!

I just got mine less than a month ago and they aren't laying right now, so I have no idea what color to expect.

Not sure what color to call this bantam hen, she's almost a metallic silver in real life, with bright red eyes. She looks like a falcon when she perches on my arm.

Here's my bantam rooster. He's molting right now, so his tail looks awful. Actually, the day after I took this picture, all his tail feathers fell out, and now he's got a funny bald butt. He also doesn't crow at all.

Here are two chicks out of this pair, about 10 weeks old now. The one in front is definitely a pullet, and I was told the other was as well, but it's looking more like a rooster I think. That one has a crippled foot, but gets around ok and is like a little puppy. When I am feeding or cleaning pens I let him out and he follows me like a little dog.

Here's a closeup of the cripple-footed one. He's such a sweetie! I'm really sad that he's a rooster, that gives me three roosters and three hens.


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My very first EE, from almost 10 years ago. She laid a khaki brown egg.

And the start of my second flock, 2 years ago. A friend gave them to me. Out front is Caramel. She lays a green egg.

I'm up to 7 EE hens now. I think they are my favorite breed.
Some of their offspring's pretty pullet eggs
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Dec 20, 2008
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Turtlefeathers - you deffinately win the award for the most colorful yard!

Chickenaddict - your squirt is one of the cutest babies I've seen! and your cochine EE roo is really pretty, is he the daddy of squirt?

Ariel301 - your buffs look a lot like my Roy and your silver falcon looks a lot like the ones that come from the hatchery in our area Rustysgirl has some just like her - I love the look - perhaps we should "officially name that EE color the "Silver Falcon" ; where are you from?

Kansaseq - your pheasant colored gorls look just like mine . . . and I LOVE your buff roo in the background; where did you get him from? . . . if you ever want to sell him . . .


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I love love love my EEs. I got my originals from hinkjc, and even tho I sold some of them, Ive kept some of the core "herd" and have them running with my wheaton Ameraucana. Im hatching some of their eggs, and the chicks are so big and robust. Big aqua eggs, all of them.

Love em!!!!


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Isn't it funny, they're called mutt chickens, yet so many of them resemble each other. I'll have to get a good photo of my three girls, they look a lot like several posted here!

Ok, I'm the worst chicken photographer in the world, these photos were taken yesterday, sorry for the blurs, they just don't stand still! Esmerelda is the worst, she just won't face the camera!


Esmerelda, from the back, it's the only photo that came out of her:

And finally HennyPenny:

All three of them shut down in mid-September, no eggs since then. They are the best feathered-out, however, after the molt, I'm hoping they'll be the first to restart laying.

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