The egg carton trick for lockdown question


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Dec 5, 2009
I have read about the egg carton trick for lockdown. This is to prevent the chicks that have hatched from playing kickball with the rest of the hatch before they leave the egg. Does a chick kicking around eggs prevent those eggs from hatching?

When a broody hen has a nest do the eggs sit pointy end down? I want to mimic nature as best as possible but obviously want to prevent viable eggs from dieing due to their infanticidal bretheren.

Spore in OR
IMO it is closer to nature to imitate the eggs not rolling around as they would likely not roll in a nest. Rolling won't kill them most times, but I try to prevent it. I dunno about how they sit in the nest likely on their side, but in the incubator they'd roll like that sooo......I still think the carton is a good thing
i have hatched chicks and duckies in egg cartons. just make sure you trim the cartons real good and have ample space between them for the chicks to move around without getting stuck. no more egg socer
I use egg cartons for the same reasons Cindiloohoo said. They wouldn't roll uncontrolably in a nest. I tilt the carton to one side, though... so they can "fall" out a bit easier than if they were upright.

Good luck with your hatch!
I've hatched successfully both ways. But wonder myself which is better?
In real life the above comments are so is on top of those hatchlings....they are not on a totally flat surface which lets them roll all over the place...and are staying warm and cozy tucked underneath her.

Pros & cons on both methods I suppose.

I find the cartons easy to work with for sure. Really looking forward to other's comments.
another plus to hatching in the cartons, is those who don't have egg turners installed can tilt the whole bator to and fro. You don't have to reach in to turn the eggs. I've had many successful hatches in cartons.

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