The Evolution of Atlas: A Breeding (and Chat) Thread

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    It will be cold here in about a week, but I'm moving her to the other side where it is much warmer. The building is L shaped and Atlas's former side, the long side of the L, gets hit with the brunt of the cold winds. The Orps' side, which has only 3 birds (and Deacon, who is not really a chicken) in it. but there is a heat lamp in the broody pen as well as over the Orp roost shelf due to their advanced ages. She'll be good over there. Many chicks have thrived in that little 3x5 pen.

    Oh, I'm happy with my insurance quote. In fact, I'm a bit amazed that it is so low, only $399/yr with $500 deductible for full coverage on the CR-V. I guess our long history with the company, no auto claims and maybe the slightly older age of the vehicle and its 5 star safety rating all combine to help. I was expecting much more, really.
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    Mar 19, 2014
    Ida looks like I'd expect a Grandma to look like![​IMG]
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    Haha, don't tell her that! She'd do her pitbull growl at you. She's a crotchety woman, that Ida.

    Oh, welcome to BYC to another Georgian! At first I read your name as alice. I have a hen named Alice. Her whole name is Alice Blue. She is a 5 yr old blue Rock and she was this gorgeous crystal blue as a youngster. I tried to find a name relating to blue, but after having Blue Orps, I'd used them all, then I found that there was a light blue color called Alice Blue, so that's where her name came from.
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    Three of the remaining four eggs have pipped.

    ETA: TWO babies are here now.
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  5. I have been with my 6 yr old grand daughter all day since they are out of school for MLK Day and I have been going nuts trying to check on baby progress. For some reason my phone decided it did not want to work and play well with mobile version of I have spent the last two hours in Chick-Fil-A with one eye on my grand daughter and the other watching her new Beta (we had to bring him inside Chick-Fil-A so he could eat lunch with us :) ) and resetting my password on BYC about 6 times to no avail. So glad I am back home on my home computer so I can be in the baby loop.

    How is the land clearing going?

    Do you think all of the chicks will be hatched by tonight?
  6. speckledhen

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    He just got his equipment here this afternoon-what I heard wasn't him earlier-and had to clear a huge pine from a property across the road that fell almost two years; it is the power company's responsibility since it's an easement, but they've never come since it fell and no one uses that road so it lay there until a week ago when Tom at least cut some branches off the road to get his own truck past it. The equipment couldn't maneuver with that dead pine there.

    The land is actually technically cleared as much as it's going to be, he's just doing clean up of all the tree tops they left, stumping it, leveling and seeding. That entire 1.38 ac lot will look like an English woodlot. He'll leave all the healthy standing trees, which are mainly around the perimeter plus some others. It wasn't a clear-cut (I hate those) but a gentle logging operation with 2 men and a farm tractor. He said it may take 2-3 weeks, but I'm giving him up to a month. There's no rush but we don't want it to go on forever, then we'll extend the perimeter fence all the way down to include that lot as well.

    I hope the chicks will all be hatched! I'd like to move her to the warmer side of that building. I need to go to Walmart for some groceries, but I have developed a headache that I hope doesn't turn into a bad migraine. The last two days have been a little stressful, I guess.

    ETA: By 5 p.m, we have 3 fat fluffy butts, one pipped egg and one unpipped yet cheeping egg. I think I see a little raw navel in this photo, but should be okay. Rachel is being positively serene right now-just look at her expression in the picture! I'm proud of her! She did great!

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    She has that "listening" look, love it. And the chicks must be plenty warm or they would be burrowed in underneath.

    Hope you head feels better.
  8. speckledhen

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    Working on the headache. May have to go to bed early. It's just one of those things, overtired, a bit stressed, bought a new vehicle for first time in 15 years plus sold one of my lots plus having work done on my other property plus this broody thing with Rachel, not knowing if she'd accept the chicks, etc. Just all this stuff at one time got to me. It's all good, but still, stress nonetheless.
  9. Precious! Precious! Precious! It looks like you might have another good momma on your hands. :) I am so sorry to hear that you problems with migraines. Hopefully, you will be able to keep your headache from heading in that direction.

    I am not sure if I can post a video here but someone on our Mobile BYC FB page just posted this and I thought it was hilarious and so true, at least it has been for us:
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    Mar 10, 2013
    Congratulationss on the new fluffbutts. They're so cute and Rachel looks like quite the proud Mom.

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