The IMPORTED ENGLISH Orpington Thread


Oct 16, 2015
Desert Hills, AZ
Very glad I found this thread. I'm starting a breeding program for Buff Orpingtons in a month or so. I bought a trio from a local breeder and can't wait to get started. My birds were bred to the American standard but my cockerel has some English features. I hope to locate an imported pair or trio this year because I'd like to breed two lines to each standard. I really love the English SOP birds the most.


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Feb 6, 2012

This is a copyrighted photo of my Monty, an imported Buff Orpington. This photo is being used without my permission by Wringneck Poultry in Texas. They do not have any of my birds, so do not be mislead by this photo.


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Nov 1, 2010
Autumn Farm English Orpingtons
Why I posted the photo of my lavender rooster was because I've had request from people who have purchased chicks. This thread was suppose to share beautiful eye candy. As far as the leakage if a judge says its not leakage but from the sun that's good enough for me!!!
He hasn't molted yet!

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People are quick to state what they feel what is leakage verses what accurse from natural sun light. Through the years as my roosters range on fields that range from 5 to 8 acres. It is clearly seen that like all animals they will lighten upon the exposure to natural sun light. I have been guided by the best by top breeders that also agree that sun lightening verses actual unnatural bleaching are actually two different causes of sun exposure and should not be considered sun bleaching in our fowl. Yes, all fowl exposed to sun will lighten but these doesn't take away from the fact that young offspring will change as they mature. Like most show quality fowl will be kept indoor to keep there beautiful rich natural coloring. One must quick to judge before understanding what goes into the making of a show quality chicken, fowl, or as far as that matters even a show horse. We keep all of our show animals in unnatural surrounding. So we all must not be so quick to judge before we all now the whole story. Lets hope we all care and keep all of our animals happy for our enjoyment.

I've also been breeding top quality English Orpingtons to the standards. I've also have taken pride in breeding the true English Lavender without the leakage. This takes many generations of dedication, and after 10 years of doing so, I can honestly say I have accomplished this and I'm pound to say I have some of the best in Europe . This hasn't happen by accident, I have had many top breeders help me along the way i 'm truly thankful for there kindness and help!

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