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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by jeremy, Mar 2, 2011.

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    We finally have the cream legbars up on our farm website and I was able to get a pic of my pair. So here is my pair of pure cream legbars for everyone to see since I haven't posted a pic of them since I got them this spring as little chicks.

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    I'm so jealous!
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    I second the motion.
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    fmp! Beautiful birds!!!!!!
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    Very pretty birds. I can't wait for mine to get past the baby stage and "bloom" into beautiful adults. My pullets are coming around, but the cockerels just look like teenagers.

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    I'm not lending. It took me aback at first when it came up and I was so against it instantly but was interested if others did such things. I am growing out some CLB chicks I hatched - 17 total and then will need to cull down - I am hoping for 2 decent roosters as keepers and not sure how many girls I'll hold onto. Depends on how they turn out but I'm loving the crests on a few of them a lot. It'll be a few years before I get close to where I want to be. I have five Marans girls (4 if my girl with the impacted crop keeps it up). I have the 5 Chocolate Bantams - Fat Albert is crowing but his crow is really not too bad at all. Atticus my Jubilee boy, part of my trio, is gonna be huge (wonder how his crow will turn out) and with 2 CLB's I don't think the hubby will go for my wanting a Marans rooster...we'll see [​IMG]. I have 2 boys I'm growing out and that guy in Hollis has offered me one of his Cottage Hill boys but not sure I want to add anybody from outside at this point.

    I'm going to watch the chicks for type as they grow and for down color and adult color comparisons. I was looking over GaryDean's pics on the Yahoo site and am curious about the color of the down on the boys neck and it's relationship to the chestnut color on the top area of the hackles and then overall hackle color as it seems to look as if the ones with the darkest necks had more chestnut in their upper hackle area.

    I am open to participating in this new endeavor towards standardizing and/or registry. I am also very good with Photoshop, raster or vector images but my web skill are rusty. What shall we call the new thread - Cream Legbar SOP Working Group
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    United States of America Cream Legbar Scoping for Standard of Perfection Announced

    Action: Notice of Intent to Draft in the United States of America a Standard of Perfection for Cream Legbar for Presentation to the American Poultry Association.

    Summary: Announce the opportunity for involvement to create a cream legbar breed club and draft a proposal to designate a breed standard recognized by the American Poultry Association. The Cream Legbar is a breed of British origin, recognized by the Poultry Club of Great Britain and found in the British Poultry Standards. Currently, no comparable standard or recognition exists in the USA.

    Purpose: To maintain uniformity and provide an ideal of perfection for the cream legbar for the purpose of breed recognition and long-term conservation.

    Solicited: All interested parties are asked to participate in public to promote comments and review. An informal Cream Legbar Working Group is established on the thread Cream Legbar Working Group: Standard of Perfection.

    Dates: An initial 30 day comment period is open. Comments are to be posted via the thread, Cream Legbar Working Group: Standard of Perfection, on or before November 3, 2012.
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    add me to list Evelyn T. Bowers aka omaeve from Virginia

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