The mating and breeding of poultry

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  1. joe17

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    Nov 25, 2009
    Does any have the book called " the mating and breeding of poultry" by Lamon and Rob Slocum? I was thinking about buying it from Mcmurray hatchery. Does it had any good info?
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  2. TinyBirds

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    Jul 9, 2009

    searched and you can read it on-line at google. I LOVE all the old poultry books. You can search for "mating and breeding of poultry". For other old poultry books, including ones from the 1800s, you can click on "advanced search" and then select "books" and "full-view only" and then if you search for "poultry" it shows you all the books that have the full text on-line. The pictures are so neat too! Google scans the books from various libraries across the country. Soooo cool of them to do that for the benefit of all society.
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    Good info! I'll be reading too. [​IMG]

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