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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Bulldogma, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Oct 19, 2012
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    I would say it's definitely diet related. They need to find out what food allergies he might have. In my experience with all kinds of ailments with family and friends, every single one of them was "cured" by diet alone - including my son's Crohn's disease. I agree with whoever said no lotion will help - it won't. It is something internal. Also, it might seem trivial, but make sure he is staying hydrated, drinking plenty of water - that will also affect the dryness of skin.
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    Jun 25, 2012
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    I know :). Im almost done watching it and all the questions I asked before got awnsered. I just need to find a spot for newspaper. I have enough horse manure to do a decent start at a garden. Just gotta make sure I get enough wood chips. They wont be partly composted though sadly but that will be just for the first year.
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    I agree with brandislee and countrygirl - find out what's going on inside. We have a wonderful holistic vet in town that helped my disaster of a rescue border collie overcome his skin issues. Fish oil, high quality grain-free food (Orijen), and Chinese herb did wonders for his skin. We had to fix the internal problems before his skin & coat reflected the changes.

    I went grain, legume & dairy-free for 6 months, started taking fish oil and coconut oil, and even though I lost weight- I got more compliments on my skin than anything else!

    My chicks are doing well. They eat organic 22% crumbles, but every day I offer them something different - a bunch of cilantro from the garden, today was some lemon balm I have growing in the courtyard, or a clump of ryegrass with the dirt still attached. Tomorrow we may try some yogurt. So fun to watch them try new things!

    Question: In a corner of my courtyard I had put some slug & snail bait a couple months ago. It seems to be gone now and the sprinklers have been coming on twice a week. Do you think it would be safe to put the chicks out there? I think the active ingredient is iron phosphate. I'll search the net and see what I can find.
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    Hey folks - an new thing up in that place. See it HERE.

    The article is about free ranging and I know there are a lot of vocal folks in internet-land who are avidly against free ranging (helicopter chicken parents? LOL!) So I'd really appreciate positive comments from those of you who do free range to back up the article and show others this isn't just one person's opinion.

    Also -
    armorfirelady, Leahs Mom, Aoxa, Mellabella and stonykill - I have used some of your photos and given you credit... but if you would rather I didn't have them in there, just let me know!

    Night all!
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    Mar 3, 2013

    Hi Judi
    I make my own lotion that is all natural and made from organic oils, butters. Rose Mountain herbs have a huge variety of the raw materials that can be melted in a dbl boiler and then using an emulsion blender water can be mixed into make the good fluffy creamy lotion! I use a mix of coconut oil, cocoa butter, mango and Shea butter. But there are lots of possible options!
    Coconut oil alone also can be tried!
    Not sure if this helps?
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    It worked for my cats. 1 table spoon mixed with a 3 pound coffee can of food every day for at least 3 months. Don't know if they had worms but they had poopy butts (gross) Whatever it was went away. Can't catch most of them so conventional medicine did not work. They had problems with the gross butt for over a year some died. Neighbor told us about DE and 3 months later we had strong healthy cats.
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    Mine probably won't be partially composted either, but you gotta start somewhere, right? Also, I found the video clips under the FAQ's to be really helpful...
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    I buy from Azure standards and although some of the grains can get pricey they do have a bunch that are really reasonable for organic non GMO grains! Bulk chicken wheat 50Llbs for $15.20, Animal whole barley 50Llbs $18.95, Milo 25Llbs $10, Wheat soft white or hard red is $19.15 for 50Llbs , Whole Oats Animal Feed 45Llbs $15.35 etc etc you get the point....

    Justine people in the city often try to order a pallet of the feed because there is a huge discount on the per bag cost! It might be something worth looking into....
  9. camilleathome

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    Jun 25, 2012
    New Brunswick Canada
    Thats for that I hadnt noticed the videos :D

    Another question I have for you all. We have access to a commercial grade hopper in the shed next door and were told we can use it as it used to be used for making feed for the cows, chickens, horses and all other animals on the farm here. Anyone know if I would be able to save money/make a much better quality feed for my chickens this way?
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    Tried to post pic of my brooder set up for chicks coming Thursday but wouldn't work :rolleyes: so here is link I hope. Started my FF tonight plan on picking up some buttermilk from natural grocery tomorrow to add to it. I worry about them out growing it too soon and having to put them in coop before we move to new house and they would be alone with someone only checking on them 1x a day. How long do you think they could be in this brooder?

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