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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Bulldogma, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Brian -
    It sounds like you have really done your research! I look forward to seeing pictures of your coop and run setup when you get it built.

    What are you looking for in a chicken? Do you want lots of eggs, beauty or a friendly pet?

    Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorps, Barred Rocks, White Rocks and a number of others are great for long-time egg laying. Silkes are funny little birds and great for children, and if you want pretty birds, Wyandottes, Swedish Flower Hens and a few other breeds will accent your yard nicely!

    Sally8 - what wonderful news about your success with DL!
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    Feb 16, 2013
    Welcome Brian.
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    In a hurry today and no time to document but... wanted to throw in that removing all vegetable oils from the diet and eating ANIMAL FATS from pasture raised animals most usually clears skin disorders. There is plenty of documentation for that...maybe I'll have time later to put some links!

    (This includes CREAM from RAW milk from cows RAISED ON PASTURE with NO GRAIN in their diet.)

    ETA: To clarify, not including olive oil and coconut oil in "vegetable oil" category.
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    BUMP :)

    Originally Posted by Mumsy

    His attempt as bio-security didn't work at keeping me out of that barn.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! I really enjoy reading & learn so much through personal testimonies!

    ? about "bio-security". I have a basic understanding of what this means but probably need a more concise definition for my flocks well-being. Already know I must consider my flock "closed" because we didn't have them vaccinated. But does this mean I can't let people visit & handle them as well?

    Thanks! Kendra :)

    PS ~ Have enjoyed the gardening discussions. We are in the process of weaning our property of chemical killers like round-up, so appreciated reading about some alternative methods some of you have had success with. Also, have been meaning to watch "Back to Eden". We had the most beautiful spring rain here yesterday - just after I sprayed my yard & beds down with LAB - hoping this boosted the microorganisms activity :)
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    Can someone direct me to the link on the gardening? Somehow I totally missed it. We do the layer gardening but I wanted to see the video y'all are talking about!
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    Those gardening w/ non composted wood chips, as wood chips decompose they tie up the available nitrogen before releasing it plus some through decomposition. So when using "raw" wood chips use them as a top mulch not mixed into the soil until they are at least partially composted. There may be some magic ratio of poop to raw chips that would work (adding extra nitrogen) but I do not know what that ratio would be w/o adversly affecting the growing plants.
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    That's so interesting about the soap with blue dye! I may have to try this.... Right now we treat with frontline, I don't like it, but we have a truly aweful tick problem. We've had one dog with lymes already, and my Blue heeler has SUCH dense fur that you don't see ticks until they're HUGE. I'm hoping the guineas (arriving thursday! Squeee!!) will clear up that problem. We found one on my 10 month old's FACE saturday. Yeah. I got a call at work about that one... I don't mind bugs but ticks give me the heebee jeebeees

    I keep my FF covered with a towel. keeps buggies and whatnot out of it, lets it have good airflow. It's a growing organism in there doing the work, give it some air!
    I am so jealous that it's quite unseemly. Just the horses are bad enough, not to mention that great manure for your new gardens. Your plants are going to TAKE OFF. someday I want a draft horse.... it won't be any time soon though...
    Dry skin and lousy hair are the most common symptoms of an omega 3 imbalance. Cold pressed flax seed oil, one tablespoon a day. I mix it into a very small glass (like 1/4 c or less) of the V8 fruit and veggie juice and down it like a shot (and I take 2 tbsp because I'm breastfeeding still) even my little guys will drink theirs that way. (of course I'm waving a spoon with a lick of my honey on it in front of them for motivation...) I've always had some funny skin problems, and they were not diet related, and that cleared it up. But see what everyone else says about diet too. she might look into an "ultra simple" diet. grain (or at least wheat, which is the most normal bad actor), soy, dairy free, for a few months, then if he's better, introduce one "problem food" at a time and await developments. it's a good way of figuring out what the allergy is. And it's the quickest road to good health if you DO have an alergy to just cut em all out. If he doesn't have a food alergy it sure won't hurt him. and the flax seed oil won't hurt him either. You need the omega 3's and we don't get enough in our diet.

    Welcome to everyone new! this is a great place to learn and share!

    anyone want to wade in on whether it's safe to feed my chickens the home canned spaghetti sauce with meat that went bitter on me? (I think it was the swiss chard I was "hiding" in it...) I was thinking like a cup a week to them until it's gone?
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    Pant, pant, gasp, gasp, gasp. Slow down y'all! Got behind over the weekend and am now caught up on 350+ posts. Thank you SallinIndiana, Brandislee and Delisha for your responses on my hen who stopped laying. Winning response goes to Brandislee - she decided to take a week off. On Sunday she was scoping out a nest box; Monday she started laying again. Now my EE is broody. She prefers to lay in a tool box on my deck, and judging by the 2 brown eggs I found under her yesterday, someone's jamming in there with her. In fact, I think one of the other girls must have been sitting on top of her when she laid her egg this morning!

    Broody? Do I look Broody to you?

    LOL. Yep, that's me if I try to settle them up before they've decided it's bed time. At this time of year my girls like to enjoy every second of daylight that they can whether i'm out with them or not. The last delinquents are usually just heading up the ramp as it turns pitch black. They wait until they're good and ready, but they do go into the coop. Except for miss broody pants. Her I have to pluck out of the tool box and put her in the coop. Need to do something about that this weekend.
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    Sooooo excited & a little amprehensive today...... My best friend over hooking up the electric netting.......I am so leaving when its live.........I'm cringing even thinking off the dogs touching it.........they have been poking thief noses thru it since its been up :/ told him I'm going for a ride till they both zap themselves then I will come home :/

    On another note the sun is shining beautifully, my kale & beets sprouted & off to get some pallets to make a new composting bin that the hens will have access to :)

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