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    Sep 29, 2011
    You can use all the cardboard boxes from your move instead of newspaper. They take longer to breakdown but work really well blocking out the weeds. Its great to put a layer of manure down before you cover the weeds with cardboard or newspaper and then add more manure.... top with wood chips. Goggle sheet mulching... Its a permaculture technique..... My one tip would be sure you water well ... you want to soak the cardboard to encourage it to breakdown. I had practically pure sand not a worm in site ... after amending the soil with manure and cardboard everywhere I dug there was a worm! The key to growing great healthy vegetables is to build great healthy soil! Good luck!
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    Sep 29, 2011
    DEAD!!!! [​IMG]
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    Sep 29, 2011
    I have SO MANY BROODY Hens right now!!! I gave up trying to break them ... they either freak out and jump at closed door to coop for hours or they stand soaking wet laughing at me thinking that ain't gonna do it! I just had both of my Blue Silkies go broody on the same day! (joining 2 other silkies and 2 1/2 silkie in the coop!) They have been un broody yeah just a few weeks ... Now they are in sync. I went to inspect the nest box the first day they were "missing" ... I found both of them sitting and all of their breast feather plucked out!!! They had been broody a few hours at most...those silkies mean business!!!!

    I am also in So Cal and when my hens were sitting last year I would feed her and water her every morning and afternoon ..... I called it chicken room service. I was worried that she would dehydrate as our weather was warm.
    It is fine to leave her in the favorite nest box if you want but this is what I found out.... The good is that other hens will give her a break when they come to lay ... Depending on the hen she might stay or might use the opportunity to go out and drink, eat & poop. The danger in this is that if some of your other hens lay if a different box she might get confused and go sit on those eggs! Broody hens are so hard wired that they see eggs and just can't help themselves! My hen didn't budge for 13 days and then I found her on a different clutch a few boxes down.... If your other hen goes broody split your eggs between the 2 of them. Even if you break her she won't start laying again for a few weeks best case scenario .....
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    Thanks for sharing that info! I have a silkie that went broody and I've been trying to break her - tried other methods but she was hurting herself to get to her nest. So, I am trying a couple other things... I was wondering once I broke her when she would start laying again, so I appreciate the information. This morning when I went out, I found my EE going broody with her! I kicked her out immediately. Apparently it's contagious this time of year.
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    I wish I could get one to go broody..I have some eggs I want to hatch when it's NOT winter!
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    Just caught up.

    Aoxa,absolutely gorgeous chickens. What breed is Nora? I'm new so not that great on breeds.

    Delisha, that link on straw bale gardening looks interesting. I have ordered the ebook. Have you tried this type of gardening?
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    No it's funny.......well the chickens are smarter than the dogs.....they didn't zap themselves but the dogs managed to zap themselves twice each. I guess they need to figure out each side of the fence is electrified :/ Ugh !

    Thanks for the links for the gardening sites I can't wait to check them out. I already have the cool weather plants planted but I still have the warm wx ones to do in a few weeks when it stays warmer.

    And for those with snow still.......I had to mow the lawn today :D
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    She is a bantam Ameraucana :) The bantam version is extra hard to come by. I just lucked out and got them from Jamie who got them from someone else and who got them from someone in the US. Margaret is one of the original 7 I purchased. Their fertility was terrible (I blame the boys!) But they are amazing little layers. Much better than my Easter Eggers were. Margaret has still not started laying again since molting in January and losing her toes in February.
    Do you slowly take food away, or just all of a sudden one day they have to fend for themselves? I have been only feeding them at night following your advice. I can't imagine not feeding them at all. Especially since I have two silkies and Margaret in the flock. They just can't fend for themselves. I've been forcing Margaret to eat outside so she can get used to the idea. She's coming around. Especially since it is drying up.
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    :( my two babies are ticking me off lol. They put themselves to bed one night just to mess with me I think because I have had to wangle them up and put their little feathered behinds in the coop just making the door closing or through my door because the door auto shut for the night. You ctell they don't like it in the dark (they make a heck of a noise) so why don't they get in their coop? We checked no boogie things in there to scare them. They like their roosts now that I gave them a training ladder to reach it. I swear they are like m kids when little and just fight going to bed. They make a bunch of noise at first in their coop but quickly settle down on their roosts for the night.You can tell they don't like it in the dark (they make a heck of a noise) so why don't they get in their coop? Also how much ACV should I add to their 5 gallon water system (nipple type)?

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