The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Apr 5, 2015
Appleton, MN
I know I like getting them!

That makes me think of years ago when 2 boys and a little girl came to my door selling "flowers". I told them I'd take $1 worth so one of the boys reached in their paper bag and pulled out a fistful of dandelions. The girl said he was giving me too many, ripped them in half and gave me what was left. I was trying so hard not to laugh, it was well worth one dollar!
Cute story! I wouldn’t turn them away but they are so costly. I’d rather have something I can plant and enjoy all summer.


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Aug 20, 2015
Smith County, TN
Good morning folks :frow TGIF

Good morning all! I’ve been awake for 2 hours already...going to be a long day 😩
:frow Try to have a great Friday,even if it's long.
I'm still up - I find I can't fall asleep at night until my alarm clock goes off at 7:45 am. Then for some reason I sleep like a baby- mixed signals, I haven't figured it out.
:frow Morning Nancy, have a great day
Good morning everyone, happy Friday!

DMC, I've been up for the past couple hours too. I've been online trying to find a place that will deliver flowers to my mom on Saturday for her b-day. Finally, got that done and it feels like a real accomplishment!
:frow Morning Debby, have a great day
morning dyc :frow
sorry you can't sleep, been there
:frow Morning Sharron, have a great day

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