The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Dec 12, 2013
Debby, that meatloaf looks amazing!

@igorsMistress I hope your chicks are doing well. Those Naked Necks are so cute, I wish we had them here.

I have 6 chicks hatched and 3 more to go. 9 out of 12 is pretty good, especially after last time. They are adorable but so far 2 are not Birchens. I think they might be Silver Duckwings. Not that I mind - they are so pretty.

2 of the Birchens are adorable. One has a bright white patch under its chin and white wing tips, and the other looks like it has white spectacles on. It's not a good day for photos - the weather has turned very rainy, but here are a few:

View attachment 2338296
This is the spectacled chick - the flash ruins the affect a bit, but it's very cute. Excuse the damp chick in front - it was NOT happy in the incubator and is much happier cuddling up to its siblings under the heat lamp.

View attachment 2338297 View attachment 2338298

We went to pick up 2 Muscovy girls this morning too, thankfully before the rain started. I'll keep them locked in the big house for a day or so before letting them into the run as they are pretty wild. We've trimmed a wing on each of them as they cannot go flying around here being so close to the busy road. Now DH and I just have to get brave and have a go at butchering the male and one of the girls.
Hi Jae, congrats on the new chicks and Muscovy girls!

That turned out so good!💞
Did you already share the recipe? I would love to try it!
Hi Rene, here's a link to the meatloaf if you want to try it:
(The video was helpful)


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Aug 20, 2015
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Good morning folks :frow

:frow Good morning Debby, have a great day. The meatloaf looks awesome!

Jae, those babies are too cute...

On the smashed vs mashed front, when I was growing up we had two ways that they were prepared based upon which grandmother's recipe. Peeled boiled and whipped were mashed while boiled with skins and rough mashed (lumpy) were called smashed.


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Jul 2, 2019
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Good morning everyone :frow have a great Friday

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Best dang zombie we've ever eaten!

I might not always shape it like a zombie, but that is now my go-to meatloaf was delicious! (And DH got the biggest laugh out of it :lol: )
Wow, that looks great for a zombie 😁 I'm sure the bacon helped with the flavor, meatloaf sandwiches are the best way to have it!!

Ok, I got some better photos of the super cute one:
View attachment 2338461 View attachment 2338462
It's so chubby and cute.

And I've had a blue one hatch! It's still drying off but it's so pretty. Just one egg left to hatch now.
Jae, they are so adorable 😍

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