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Crossing the Road
Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
I'm thinking ahead. I really need to build a bigger broody buster cage.
Mine is big enough and about half way to being able to be 2 boxes. Right now it is nearly 4' long with 2 doors but when I have 2 broodies they don't always get along. Need to make a divider and figure out a way to concurrently feed in both or just suck it up and have food and water in both.

I did a funny one to cheer up DD at basic training.
I sure hope the drill sergeant either doesn't see it or has a sense of humor!

Dd is very upset. She failed her TEAS test. Only got 40%. They say if you pass all the practice tests, you will pass the actual test. She passed all the practice tests with 85 - 95%.
That is sad. Does she get nervous or is the practice test to real test link really bad? I assume she can take it over.


The Frosted Flake
Jul 26, 2008
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
My Coop
My Coop
She gets one more shot at it. Like I said, all her study guides say the practice tests are quite in tune with the real tests, and if you can pass 3 of the practice tests, there should be no problem with the real one.
Only 1 more? Ack! She might need to practice some de-stress and anti-anxiety strategies before the next test.


Dec 31, 2014
On a Gravel Road in North Central Missouri
Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the new look.

After the age of 60 any change is traumatic.....

@dsqard, thanks.

@getaclue TEAS? I must have fallen asleep on that page. Not sure what that means, but I can sympathize after 5 months of studying. I told DH that I knew I was finally getting somewhere when I could look at the four choice answers for a question and logic out the right answer.

Hope she can get through it the third is the charm you know.

Got my nets back up. Geeze what a mess. My muck boots defined the meaning of the word muck as the glop was up to my ankles. They are calling for more ice here on Friday. Not thrilled but better than snow. No wait, we are supposed to get snow too!

I bought deer netting on Amazon a couple of years ago and that stuff has lasted and worn like iron. 2 years old now with only mild wear showing around the edges. Net that I got direct from China is 3 years old and that stuff is just CARP. Told DH that I'd be ordering new deer netting this spring.
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