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    Wow, is it hard to get there? I just looked at a satellite image of your island.

    I have a couple big ones from having my ankle completely reconstructed after a soccer (futbol) injury. And after I show it I can tell the whole story. [​IMG]

    Very nice.

    My scar's more exciting than your scar. Sung to the melody of 'my dog's bigger than your dog'. (Kennel Ration dog food commercial jingle for those that aren't old folk).

    I can show you my chigger and mosquito bites.

    Thanks for posting. I read a similar article a couple years ago. Can't seem to find it now.

    They scare me. There's an old wooden one that goes really slow at Silver Dollar City in Branson. I can handle that one. Ferris wheels are about as exciting as I'll do.
    There's a pretty scary one at SeaWorld in Orlando. The kids and I spent a day there on our way to Cat Island. They talked me into riding it with them. SeaWorld has cameras set up at strategic points. One of the pictures of us is classic. The kids are grinning from ear to ear and my expression is sheer fright.
    It reminds me of that MasterCard commercial. "Hearing your dad scream like your little sister - priceless".

    I pray all those with medical issues get well soon.

    I've had 2 heart related issues in my life.
    About 35 or 40 years ago I ate the wrong type of mushroom (long story). Can I say, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea? By the time I was taken to the hospital, I was unconscious with a heart rate of 180 and blood pressure of zero over zero. The doctor told my friends, "He could die tonight, he could die tomorrow or it might be a week before he dies - but he's going to die." That was about midnight. By morning I was conscious but feeling a bit tired. By noon I was up and about. I was out of the hospital by 4.

    The next time was about 10 years later. I thought I felt a murmur a couple times. I went in for a stress test but they found no irregularities. No problems since.

    Knocking on wood - other than a bunch of broken bones, lacerations, the aforementioned ankle rebuild, the mushroom incident and the occasional flu - I've been free of medical issues. No one in the household has ever been on a regular medication. [​IMG]
    No offense to the medical types on the OFH thread because you're in honorable and essential professions but, IMHO, for my part the best course of action is to be discretionary about everything I stick in my mouth (nothing out of a package or with artificial ingredients) and stay away from medical types. [​IMG]
    Thank God they're there for surgeries and poor consumption decisions though.
    Again, IMHO, as long as people consume things made in a plant rather than grew on a plant or ate a plant and that the FDA declares are safe which the paleo man's genome never had to deal with, there will be health problems.

    My last doctor visit was for a horrendous flu bug I picked up on a one hour flight to KC back in '07. Another reason to hate flying.

    This is anecdotal but one time while visiting my dad when he was 72 I went into his bedroom. He had a small dressing table that was completely covered with pill bottles.
    I said, "dad, why don't you get rid of all these medicines you're not using". He said, "I take all of them". I said, "I think it's time you got a new doctor - or at least a second opinion". He said, "Oh no, I have a wonderful doctor".
    3 months later, I was riding to the grocery with him. On the way home, he had a massive heart attack at the wheel and died on the spot.
    How can 30 different medications not cause a problem?
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    Praying for you guys, Cynthia and Tnspursfan09! and good luck with your sweet little girl and the tests!

    I agree, CC. So many pills have do many side effects that you have to take more pills for! If much rather find a nice essential oil that might help, or an herb or spice! It's amazing all the good that all natural foods and their sources can do! No offense also to the health professionals, both my parents are in the medical field, and I'm glad to have you guys, especially for the aforementioned surgeries and undigestibles, but I love it when I can find an all natural cure for something, ESPECIALLY if it's growing in my backyard! I've diffused the thieves oil blend all winter, and I've been taking coconut oil in my coffee, plus a few other things, and I credit the all natural ingredients with keeping me from getting even the smallest cold this winter! That's just unheard of! I usually at LEAST get a cold, if not a flu bug. And not do I love my coconut oil! Someone brought it up awhile back, but I'm also using the Nutiva coconut oil from the Philippines, so I've been eating a bit of Oz's coconuts! That's stuff is sooooooooo good! Been reading up on it too, and not only is it tasty and great for you, but is also a natural sunscreen, lip balm and bug repellant! Not mention moisturizer, conditioner, acne relief balm, etc, etc, etc! Ok I'll get off my all natural soap box now, lol! Just really excited to share :)
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    Bug repellent? I'm in.

    I used to get colds and flu but that's when I was working 7/12s and constantly changing shifts - I was always tired and run down. Once I started getting a full nights sleep every night, I never got sick again. That flu in '07 when I was working in KC is the last time I've been sick.
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    My word Canoe, you went through a tough time there..but you showed them all! Yep, no more mushrooms..I should share this with my family, because right now they are excited about finding mushrooms around here, they are eating them. Yes, they are ok, but it always did makes me nervous! We also have Asparagus that grows along the ditch banks, this I don't worry so much about.
    And, so sorry you had to go through that with your dad! I've been offered so many different types of medications..some I tried and way! Really? Take 3 diazapam a day? What? I took one of those things and that was that. Other pain pills, other things that are supposed to be good for the nervous system. I am so glad I've said no, I think I would be a walking zombie. You go to different drs..they see what you are on..supposedly, they ask anyway..on a paper..but still, offer you something similar to what you are already taking. I stopped going to specialists unless I am in real bad pain, when I had my neck/spine done..oh boy was that necessary! So glad that it worked like it did. That was awful pain. So, we just need to be careful with what ..they..decide for us.
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    Last Spring a worker at a private old folks home [​IMG], picked some mushrooms for soup. She is from South America and apparently there is a mushroom there that is safe to eat that looks like a mushroom here that we call Death Cap mushrooms. She is now dead along with the four residents that ate the mushroom soup.

    We can get some great mushrooms here from Farmers Markets that were grown and not collected. I kind of like my liver so why destroy it?
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    I grow shitake, oyster mushrooms and hunt morels. I still like mushrooms.

    Some may not want to read the following.

    Luckily, we were at a stoplight when he died or I could have been dead too. As we were approaching the stoplight, he asked me how much something cost that we bought and I leaned over the seat to pull the receipt out of the bag. While digging in the bag, he said, "I don't know what's wrong". I turned to see his whole body in convulsions. He then collapsed. I patted him and said, "don't worry, I'll get you to the hospital". He was basically dead but was able to violently shake his head 'NO'. I took that to mean he didn't want resuscitation but I had to try.
    His car was a Camaro with bucket seats. He was a big guy. I had to figure out what to do. People were honking the horn behind us. I considered my choices. Drag the big guy out of the car and do CPR, try to find a phone (pre-cell days) and call an ambulance, or try to drive to the hospital.
    I figured the fastest way to get help was to drive. I hopped up on the console and drove with my left foot on the gas and brake. I drove to the hospital with my dead father in the driver's seat. The closest hospital had road construction between us and them so I chose one a couple miles farther away. I pulled into the emergency drive blowing the horn. They were able to revive him by shocking him but after about 10 hours, the doctor told my siblings and I that he had to do it more and more frequently, his chest was badly bruised and that it was best to let him go. Knowing that my dad told me he didn't want that because of what he did when I told him I was getting him help, I felt better about it. When people get old, they're ready to go.

    I was also the only one present when my mom died. She started getting unexplained bruising but felt fine. One morning she woke up and all her blood vessels had apparently burst - tiny red dots all over her body. She went to the doctor that day and he immediately sent her to the hospital. She had aplastic anemia. The platelets die first, causing bleeding. Then the white blood cells die, preventing protection from infection. Red blood cells last. We all had to wear special gear and masks to see her. She was in the hospital 2 days when she got an infection, blew up like a balloon and became unconscious. Her throat was huge and each breath was very loud and labored. We were in Barnes-Jewish hospital, one of the best hospital complexes in the country. It is across the street from Forest Park, the seventh largest city park in the country. My father and two sisters decided to go for a walk in the park and talk about the situation. I had been working nights at a job building Fords that I started days before. I was taking a nap on the cot they put in the room for my dad to stay close.
    I was awakened by my mother's voice calling my name. I opened my eyes and heard her breathe one last time. 3 days from feeling fine to being dead. Bad stuff just happens.

    Sorry for the downer stories.
    Luckily, on staff that night there was a doctor that was a fungi nerd/expert. He asked, so my friends found and retrieved the mushroom I had consumed. I was familiar with it and didn't consider it harmful. He said it was normally benign unless preceded by alcohol consumption, in which case it was deadly. Imagine that, me consuming alcohol while picking mushrooms.
    After I regained consciousness he told me, "there are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters - but there are no old bold mushroom hunters."
    Actually they didn't do anything except continue to pump liquids and plasma into my veins to get some blood pressure so my heart could slow down. I guess my heart had more endurance than they thought. If not, I'd be an angel now looking down on all your flocks.
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    How bout them atlanta braves?
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    It is OK to share stories like this Guy!

    It is also a good thing that you were present for both of your Parents passing. I am sure it was a comfort to them.
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    PM me you address. I have something for Maddy when I get back from the Phils.

    Good luck at Vanderbuilt.
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