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    Originally Posted by superchemicalgirl [​IMG]

    These guys are large but not super large. They don't spend much time eating, mostly gobbling and displaying for the ladies (or whoever wants to look at them). I processed their sister last fall and she was so large she didn't fit in the scalder or cold water bucket very well (in fact, got stuck). How do you scald? Or rather... WHAT do you scald in? I would have done one of these boys last fall had doing the smaller girl been less difficult.

    A large canning pot will also work well.
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    May 19, 2012
    I am in the process of fencing in the garden ( darn deer) was out of fencing so I opted to dig the holes for the fruit trees.
    I now have them in my future night goat pen . The goats will come after I finish the garden area and fence the pasture for them and build the goat shack.

    the fruit trees are in large 25 gallon tubs now so these are good size holes. They are in rows as I plan to plant on guide wires which is a common way to grow them out here to maximize space . the wires will be about 6 feet and 10 feet up. 2 rows of guide wire per row of trees.
    My tractor was not much help today and it was hot even hit 100 up here in the hills.





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    Nice Job Jason!

    At 6:26 it is still 103 in Woodland CA.
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    Most people in New Zealand seem to watch too. Great race.
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    Hey there, you two! Welcome to The Old Folks Home! We are happy you joined us. I have noticed several other new names, as well. If you are new, or fairly new to this thread and I haven't welcomed you properly, I am sorry. I am getting a bit senile....... ya' know? [​IMG]
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    x2. Guess that's why it's called "The Old Folks Home" [​IMG]
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    When you get a little senile, It's a place where you can meet new friends every day
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    Looks good Hangtown. What kind of fruit trees are you planting?

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