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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Wisher1000, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Nov 27, 2009
    Wilmington, NC
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    May 3, 2009
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    Guess who's coming to visit --------------- 'Arthur'.

    Hopefully he is no 'Sandy'. [​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2010
    I actually listened to a broadcast about this hurricane/t.storm..and then they guy said that it's actually supposed to be a pretty calm season this year. I'm worried about a son that is in GA. until Oct. I think he's far enough North West, I'm not too worried. Just above Atlanta. They do get those thunder storms though. I remember living in Florida! Rain, rain, and more rain, and always thunderstorms throughout the month. We lived in Fernandina Beach.

    Then there is the time we got stuck in Mexico while vacation..Hurricane Wilma! It was C. 5 while we were there. We were taken inland while it was passing. It was so big, it was moving very slow. No planes leaving until the storm passed, then the sillys thought they could send us to Florida, the long way around..I said, I'm not going to Florida! That hurricane is heading there next! They actually had a list up of the people to go to the airport. Well, guess what ... those people got sent back to the motel we were set up in, because Florida was planning for the hurricane. Yep.
    I had fallen while on our way to the buses from the motel...thought I had broken my arm for sure. Had to wait to get inland before going to a dr. Trust me, you don't want to have to get x-rays out that way. That machine sounded like it was ready to explode, and, I could see the inside of that arm they point at you, it looked like a hot stove top in there. Crazy. Finally, the doc says, I think you broke your arm, but it doesn't show real well on the x-rays. What? I had an arm sling put on. We waited 6 days inland before getting out. Media was at the Colorado airport as we landed. They saw me in a sling..they came running. lol....of course..someone got hurt, they wanted the story. I made national t.v. You probably saw my family on t.v. The agent that was selling our home, and finding a new one for us saw us. He said he yelled out to his wife..hey, it's! Boy, quite the time.
    I'll tell a neat thing though..when that plane landed, I had to, I just had to, yelled out..Hooray for American land..and everyone started to yell out different things, whistling, clapping, then, it got real quiet. You could have heard a pin drop. We were thinking just how blessed we were to live in this country. We had seen a lot while inland. Not anything like those beautiful beach motels and restaurants. Nothing. We in a pretty good sized city too..Mirida..or Miridia..
    My arm? It was not broken, but I had torn a cuff. The dr. here said, I can't believe that it didn't come out of the socket..the ball is literally dented. I said, I really think it was, but you should have seen that bus ride. What they call paved roads out there, is like driving on dirt roads out here with big ol dips in it where you have to slow down, only the driver didn't. Many times you could see bodies fly up and almost touch the ceiling of that bus..I'm not even exaggerating. Hard to believe that bus didn't break down. My shoulder was not operated on. I just did some therapy. It still bothers me today. I just know my limits. I don't want surgery. I've had too many already.
    Oh wow, didn't expect to be sharing that fun vacation memory. :D
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    [​IMG], I hope that what you have left lives!!

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    Feb 28, 2013
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    All of you on the east coast please be careful and take every precaution and stay safe!
    I lived in Florida thru 5 hurricanes in one year including Ivan twice! That was enough for me!

    Chickisoup I hope your garden makes it. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    reason #1 Altho it was cold (35o) next to the house this morning, if there was garden damage, it should be very minor. (thanks to all for your caring thoughts [​IMG] )
    reason #2 I actually had a girl in the nest laying an egg this morning!!! (first one in days. Crazy weather-between hot and humid daytime, noisy storms nighttime, no one has been eating/laying)
    reason #3 my crazy broody got off the nest this morning and went RUNNING for breakfast all on her own for the first time in weeks!!!
    reason #4 it's an absolutely gorgeous morning! No heat, no humidity, no rain and it should be highs in the low to mid 70's!!!!! I can finally get some of the painting of the fences and outbuildings done.
    reason #5 Last but definitely not least, I AM BLESSED! I am doing far better than I should be health wise, I have a great husband and family, I live where lots of other folks are driving like maniacs to get to in time to celebrate the holiday, and for all her flaws and imperfections,
    I am blessed to live in the best country on the planet!!!


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    Awwwww, Thank you!!!

    A HUGE X2 for all you on the East coast! Doesn't sound too horrible, at least as hurricanes go, but still dangerous!!!
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    Nov 23, 2010
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    They weren't kidding about a cool down this week. A couple days ago we had heat indices of 105. The record low for today is 63. We set a new record of 61. I actually pulled the cover over me this morning. IN JULY!!! It's still 80% humidity though.
    What a wild story to be stuck in the hurricane that long.
    If you were inland on the Yucatán peninsula you were most likely in Mérida. That's the capitol of the Yucatán and the biggest city. I worked there programming a feed mill for a poultry producer.
    I and my family have also been to the Yucatán, Quitana Roo, Jalisco and Nayarit for vacation more times than I can count. Yes, rough roads. I once got the crazy idea that we would drive to Xcalak which is the last town going south along the Caribbean and perhaps take a ferry to Belize. Not a good plan. Xcalak is 7 water miles from Ambergris Cay, Belize and I didn't know the drive would be way longer than the reportedly 4 hours one way. We drove past Tulum (where the good highway ends). The road the rest of the way is one car width and goes through the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve. Potholes? More like swimming pools. The potholes, one after another. went from the jungle on one side to the sand dune separating the road from the beach on the other. The holes were literally big enough to swallow a Volkswagen (which is what I was driving) and you couldn't drive around them. You'd drive to the precipice, then down into the pothole and up the other side then back onto the pavement. Yeah, pavement, ha ha ha. The whole way I kept watching the weather behind us because that time of year many days there will be a cloudburst that, if the rain filled the potholes, would have stranded us. We made it about half way having doubts about the wisdom of the plan. Right then we stumbled on a little bit of paradise. One of the most beautiful places we've ever been. The owner whipped up filets, grilled lobster and some Margaritas. Oddly enough, the owner was actually from St. Louis. What a coincidence and right in the middle of nowhere.



    No slow down even for major pot holes.
    I was planning on renting a car in Jamaica, just like I do everywhere I go. Everyone I met tried to talk me out of it, from friends who had been there to the airlines to even the car rental place. I finally relented when the car rental told me that a hurricane had taken out the bridge just before our final destination and decided to hire a taxi.
    The reason I didn't want to go the taxi route is that I would have to rely on someone else every day I wanted to go somewhere and we had so far to go.
    We flew into Montego Bay and had rented a couple villas in Port Antonio, a distance of 135 miles. I couldn't even get a flight from Mo Bay to P.A. because the airport was on the wrong side of the destroyed bridge. If I was going to drive, I would have had to go through Kingston on the south end of the island in order to get to the villa. That would have made it a 180 mile trip. On top of that, Kingston is so dangerous that taxi drivers from other parts of the island won't go there. Our taxi driver took us all the way to the missing bridge over the Rio Grande and then he and some Jamaicans standing around helped us carry our bags across the river. Our driver then found us another taxi to take us the rest of the way. He also rode with us to make sure we got to our destination safely. He came inside with us to make sure we were safely in the hands of our butler. Most Jamaicans are very kind and protective of strangers.
    The main highway is absolutely peppered with pot holes the entire way. The taxi drivers in Jamaica have to be some of the best drivers on the planet. They drive at a speed as though they're on a US interstate yet they miss every pothole. I'm fairly brave and a bit of a risk taker but I was sure I was going to die. It's a two lane road (using the term lane loosely) and several times I closed my eyes when I was sure we were going to have a head on collision with oncoming traffic also trying to avoid potholes and yet swerve back to their side just in the nick of time. The road took some strange turns where I'm pretty sure I would have gotten lost. In the end, I was really happy I didn't try to drive there.
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    Apr 11, 2010
    Wow CC, you described those roads better than I did. Paved? Right! Not mostly. [​IMG]

    Man that is a beautiful place! Will have to show my daughter that. They still go. We went again the next year. No hurricanes. :) I don't travel like that any more. Make up into our mountains here, that is nice enough for me.

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