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May 11, 2018
Northwest Indiana
There is only so many recipes ive found for chicken and ive only found a handful my family actually likes. Im starting to grow wiery of the same old same old. Everything i can find is the same rubbish with a different name. Heres what is on our menu currently:

-fried chicken (but it makes such a mess i have to make it when no one is home so i can clean up)
-chicken kiev (same as above)
-chicken alfredo
-chicken parmesan(getting sick of pasta)
-chicken mozzarella(my mothers signature dish but it makes a mess)
-chicken pot pie (also a mess and takes forever to make the dough)
-chicken helper (im not above the box)
-chicken enchiladas

I need something different! Im a very messy cook so with the more complicated meals i have to kick everyone out of the house. My kitchen is very small with a lack of counter space to work. It doesnt have to be doesnt have to be complex...i just want something unique or at least different. Any suggestions? Im willing to share my recipes


Aug 6, 2018
Pilesgrove, New Jersey
Chicken Soup
Start some rice. Grab a thing of chicken broth (the box) and 1-2 cups of water to add as you go. Put in some cut up chicken, and a bag of mixed veggies. Oregano, garlic, salt, pepper to the broth. Add any other spice you want and eat!

Dona Worry

Jul 5, 2018
Chicken soup, with a twist!

What I usually do is make the chicken broth by cooking a whole chicken, some strong apple cider vinegar, a tiny bit of salt, and some grated ginger ALL DAMN DAY. Then, I remove the chicken carcass and let it cool. I add the rice (I like purple rice!) and sweet potatoes to the broth. I sometimes caramelize onions in a frying pan, and will add carrots too if I feel like it. Add turmeric, pepper, and ginger to the onions if you want-- it makes it super vibrant.
Then you add kale, swiss chard, beet greens, whatever.
If you want (and I always do!) use a microplane to add more ginger, and toss in more garlic.
I literally just copied and pasted the recipe from when I sent it to a friend via email, you can just leave out the onions and garlic if need be, it will still be a fabulous soup.

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