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    Feb 22, 2008
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    My hometown is on Route 66, so even though it took me a while to come up with it, the signs were all around me! I can be a little slow sometimes.

    What a gorgeous wolf, Moonwalker!
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    Sep 14, 2007
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    Mine's pretty obvious too.......I'm a union apprentice electrician/wireman....hence...unionwirewoman .[​IMG]
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    Jul 18, 2007
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    My name's Liz and my grandfather always called me Lizard because I was always catching frogs, snakes, and, of course, lizards. The "z" at the end is just to make it different.
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    Nov 7, 2007
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    My very first nephew, Zach couldn't say my name when he started talking, and it came out Ahhh-bee so ahbee is what I picked 01 is because ahbee was taken at the time!!!
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    I chose my username because......... well beacause that is what I am working on having here, lol!! A barnyard. All I need is a horse, cow and a pig and I am set!
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    When I joined I tried "luvmychickies" and it wasn't taken, so that is what I was for a few hours. Then I saw there was a regular poster with almost the exact same name. So, to avoid stepping on any toes by accident, I hurriedly picked something else and asked to be changed. [​IMG]
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    Jan 12, 2008
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    Quote:[​IMG] I just poured over 23 pages to find your story, LOL. Everyone, it is on page 23! [​IMG]
  9. I chose my name because I have always been different from most of the people that I have lived around.

    I am African-American and was raised in a rural area which was predominantly white. I was physically different (obviously, lol) from all of my friends, so it was as though I were from Mars, or something.

    When I grew up, I married a city-boy and moved to the city where I discovered that my youth had given me some wonderful country-living experiences that city-dwellers never get. In an emergency, I was always calm and prepared and had the ability to be self-sufficient (which most of my friends and neighbors don't have!) If I say anything about how something can be made from scratch, can be fixed with a little elbow grease or indicate that I can zip something up on a sewing machine, they look at me as though I've lost my mind because they are used to buying everything new. So again, I felt as though I were from another planet, so I am TheMartianChick!

    My hubby and I have plans to move south (hopefully by next winter). We've created a business plan for and reserved the name for our farm: Mission-2-Mars. I've been working on the website for the past few months and haven't published it yet. Since I work as a business consultant and write business plans, I know that I won't have much time to do work on a website once I actually have the farm. Besides, that's when I'm supposed to find time to finally write some fiction!
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    Jan 22, 2008
    I love Arthurian Lit. so I choose Morgaine from one of my alltime favorite books, The Mists of Avalon. She was my favorite character. Now it's what I use for almost all my screen names. My real name is Amber and at most places already taken by the time I sign up.

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