The teacher asked if I would come talk about chickens....

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Jun 21, 2010
North Idaho
UMmmmmm....YEAH! Could I be happier? I gave my sons new kindergarten teacher a box of eggs yesterday(pink, greens, blue, beige, speckled, dark brown...) and when I picked him up this afternoon she asked if I would come early on Tuesday and talk about my flock. As it turns out I have a girl hatching babies today. Maybe I can catch them in a dog crate or something for a show and tell. We are in a country school but strangely not many folks keep birds up here. Im so tickled. The boy is really happy too. He thinks Im a celebrity now.


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Apr 29, 2011
AW that's so cool!! I'm a teacher and I ADORE parents who take the time to do special things like that for the kids!!! I'm guessing that teacher is more flattered that you said yes than you are that she asked! Its so hard to get parents to do anything-including even discussing their childs education- let alone going out of their way like you are!! you'll not only be enriching your own childs experience but enriching the 30 other kids lives aswell!! No pressure!! Just kidding that age is so fun and pretty easy to impress. You can probably just stand there with a chicken feather and they'll love it!

Yes! yes!! Bring a chicken!! Omg they will go CRAZY! (in a good way). Bring someone they can touch! Just set the rules up before touching time and they'll be gentle! I'm so excited for that class! And for you

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