The things children say....

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    The things childeren say......After grocery shopping today, I decided to treat my kids to a special lunch. We just got out of the car and a highway patrol officer,who had parked next to us, stepped out of his patrol car. My son (age 5) shouted, " Mommy, RUN!! It's the cops!!!" He continued by grabbing my hand and trying to drag me and his sister out of "harm's way". The officer clearly heard my son. [​IMG] and ended up eating his lunch at a table across the restaurant from us. [​IMG] Needless to say, I had a long talk with my son about policemen and that they are the goodguys.
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    Jan 4, 2009
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    I'm in my 50s and still say that lol.
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    Our farm does pick your own apples in the fall...a family taking the hay ride down to the apples was passing the field were we had some cows and a donkey (a jack). One little boy asked his father if the animals were fake. The father said no they are real, why? the little boy said "well why is the donkey plugged in to the ground? The father was at a loss for words. We just giggled. ahhhh farm life!
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    Heheh... now that's funny. Niece KK has acted rather odd when an officer gets behind us in traffic. Course I know where she learned THAT from, still I did the same as you and let her know they were the good guys. Probably helped that we weren't pulled over though.

    Plugged in? Call me farm stupid but I don't get it? Does he think donkeys levitate or something? Trying to picture a Hover Jack and it's just not working.
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    Apr 29, 2010

    ..... oh, you're serious. Think of an intact male donkey thinking of a female donkey in "season" and you'll get a donkey that's plugged into the ground... Or at least that's what I got from her story...
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    May 1, 2009
    Quote:By "Plugged in" I think they mean he, the Jack, was very relaxed... maybe just finished relieving himself.
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    OHHH... yup, farm stupid it is. [​IMG]
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    LOL, kids are pretty hilarious... My boyfriend's daughter (who is 4) usually comes up with the best ones... For example - last year we were at their aunts house for Thanksgiving dinner. His daughter was sitting next to her aunt when she started to say the prayer and got through dear lord... All of the sudden Ziri bursts out "I'm not the lord!"... We were hysterical... His aunt didn't see the humour [​IMG]

    This year at Thanksgiving my dad asked her if she wanted to say grace. Her reply? "Monsters are real. Amen." [​IMG] Luckily my parents have a much better sense of humour than her aunt does [​IMG]
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    My oldest daughter gets into the car last year and declares that she is as thirsty as a dried up worm!
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    I was telling dd 5, to hurry up and pack her back pack (I had just packed it, and she unpacked!) She looks and me and say, "well I don't have 3 hands you know" It was to funny, and that's not an expression I use!

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