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Apr 22, 2011
Gumboro, Delaware
THREE days ago a BYC person sent me 24 Serama Babies Express Mail WEDNESDAY for Delivery YESTERDAY, Thursday. It is now Friday. The truck is already at the facility here this morning and they have NO IDEA where the box is . In this economy there are some really good people looking for work. The first thing they should do is FIRE the Post Master General and about 95% of the staff and replace them with people that want to work and care about their jobs instead of these CLOWNS they have now that JUST want a paycheck and count how many days it is until their get their retirement.

No smilies This is NOT FUNNY!
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it ought to be privatized you are right it is worthless they claim they can ship something in X days and cannot back up what they claim refunds shoulkd be issed every time they fail to do what they claim
You are right. A lot of people do not know that they next day guarantee DOES NOT apply to live animals so you cannot get your money back if they do not arrive by 3pm the next day as guaranteed. I just found that out from the local Post Master before I ate his *ss out about "WHERE ARE MY BIRDS". Oh, well, such is life. These are really nice people I bought from that said they would replace any deceased birds or all of them if they did not arrive. I think someone with sticky fingers has some nice birds.
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its funny you say this... Canada Post had given a strike deadline of tonight at midnight... I was thinking ok how is this going to affect me? and then I discovered.. its not! all my bills are now e-bills, I use email/fax for everything because of Canada post and their efficiency

if they went private they would have to move it a lil faster of face going out of business.
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Yes folks I had my days messed up. This started on Tuesday. I have been up at 3am to meet the truck 22 miles from here for the last two days. I think I have been passing myself on the road going back and forth. Sorry!

Yes!! Today is Thursday and they still can't find them
Id rather use ups or fedex any day. The usps once lost my mortgage payment. Boy that was bad. I do all buy a couplr bills via internet now. The only real reason for usps in this house is ebay with my dh. Even then everything shipped gets tracked so we can't be held responsible for their screw ups. If they did their jobs better more people would probably use the usps then they wouldn't need to worry about cutting a day outta delivery
If you live in a small community/town as I will not get them at the time they SHOULD arrive. Express delivery for me is always the 3rd, sometimes 4th day. Major/large cities get their express packages on time.
Wow, realived I didn't miss a flight! I don't expect anything express,and tell everyone not to waste money shipping overnight or express to me, not going to happen. live in the sticks. Though I do get chicks on the second day from just about anywhere, and my local guy calls me about 6 am whenever I have anything shipped in.

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