the waiting is killing me!


10 Years
Jul 18, 2009
Oostburg, Wisconsin

My baby chicks are due to hatch today, and here I am at work!!! It seems like forever that you have to wait for the day to finally come, and here it is, and I am stuck here at work, and cant stop thinking about if they are arriving at this very moment or what??? Cant wait to go home and see what is waiting for me.... oh the anticipation!!!!!!
Sorry, I should have specified, I have a broody hen setting on them...I dont know how you all with bators can do it, I would be dying even worse being able to see through the window, I dont think I would ever leave my spot until they were all least having a mama hen setting on them kinda makes me leave them alone...only candled once this time was tough, but I did it! first time around I candled like every other day once we saw the little peeps, its so cool watching them grow...I think the weather is whats making me crazy, its so cold and about to rain...she is on a nest outside under some shelter all this time...I am all set to move the whole family into the coop with the heat lamp as soon as they are all out...I get home in about 2 hours....time is going so slow...
Good luck with your hatch!

I'm only on Day 7 and the wait is killing me. It's mesmerizing to stare at the eggs in the bator. I don't know why, they're not doing anything on the outside. I really want to candle, but I'm trying to wait until Sunday night. It's haaaarrrdddd.
I'm with you mine started pipping this morning and I had to go to work I even heard the little one chirping it was so exciting came home and Its still working on it. it should be tonight I can see it working to to zip. How long does it take after they start zipping?
Zipping doesn't take long. The wait after pipping is the loooong part. My last few RIR hatches were out in 5 to 10 minutes once they started zipping.


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