The Who, What, Where Poll!


11 Years
Mar 10, 2011
1. What size of back yard do you have?
2. How many chicken do you have?
3. What area do you live in? Rural, country, mountains, suburbs, city, etc...
4.What size coop do you have? With run or without? (small, medium, large)

I live in the suburbs, .17, so just a slightly large back yard, medium coop with run under, 11 chickens...
I feel like everyone other than me MUST have a HUGE yard/property, so I want to see what people are working with, and what we are getting away with now! LOL!
1. I have a lot that almost a hlf acre (.46)
2. almost 30
3. suburbs I guess, just outside city limits, considered "county"
4. 3 coops, one for the bantams, one thats 4 X 8 and one 8X8 they all have a run, but I am not opposed to letting them loose in the backyard as well, and they do frequently but only when I'm home
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3 Acres
None right now, they're coming in March! (is it March yet???)
We live in an area zoned Agriculture on a State Route. I'd consider this just shy of suburban.
My coop is 20x14. There will be a 5x50 run attached in the spring...but I'm likely going to let them free range anyway.
1. I have a little over 2 Acres
2. Currently have 35 Grown, 15 4 week olds and 12 Dozen RSL Eggs In the Bator(Plan on raising 80-100 hens) and Keeping 60-80.
3. Country
4. I have 4 4x8 coops with 8x10 runs on each coop Breeders and a 12x20 coop in the works for my RSL.

I recently got married and moved so I sold all of my 60 RSL hens this summer and just kept my breeders. I am slowly building that coop and I try to work on it on the weekends. I really enjoy hatching and raising chickens. We also have 2 pigs Ham and Bacon.

I have a shy half acre total. I guess the backyard is about a quarter acre. I have 12 chickens in three small coops with runs. I live in the city.
1 acre in the desert with 46 chickens. 1 medium sized (8x10) coop with a big run for the layers. 1 large coop that has been divided into 2 condos and 2 runs for my breeding flocks. A small run with a little hutch style coop for chicks/teenagers to grow up a bit, and finally a small coop and run for the extra roos.

A couple of times a week I let everyone except the chicks and bachelors free range with my supervision.
For those of you who have a LOT of chickens....say over....20? what would you rate is the TOP 3 reasons why you have so many, other than chicken math! LOL!
For the love of the birds, Breeding, Selling Eggs, Hobby, etc!?!?!?!?
First, the answers to the first set of questions:
1. What size of back yard do you have?
The entire property is .62 acre. The house sits far back on it, so - technically - my flock is a FRONT YARD flock.
They range freely over the whole property.

2. How many chicken do you have?
About 50. Plus 9 ducks and a pair of Toulouse geese.

3. What area do you live in? Rural, country, mountains, suburbs, city, etc...
Rural mountains. I commute 54 miles to where I work, one way every single work day.

4.What size coop do you have? With run or without? (small, medium, large)
Large. When I bought the property because I wanted to keep my chickens, there was a 3-sided garage falling down. I had it made into the coop, 17 x 20 feet. Before I moved here, I had SEVERAL coops, and they chose which one in which to roost on their own. Sometimes they changed friends and moved into other coops. These started as "grow-out coops" for new chicks I added, until they were old enough to join the rest of the flock.

No run.

Chicken Math is just the manifestation of why and how it happens, not the actual reason. Any of the above can be triggers for it.

In my case, it's love of the birds. I have a very mixed and varied flock, lots of different breeds, and sometimes they have hatched little cross-breed mutt chickens. Love them just as much.

Then it's love of hatching through artificial incubation.

And lastly, it's due to seeing a breed I like and wanting to add it to my flock.

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