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    Aug 17, 2009
    Has anyone ever used this model T-stat Ranco ETC-111000 Ill upload a picture in a sec. I have it on a incubator I made out of a large wine cooler about 2' wide and deep and about 6' tall. It seems to be holding the temp within .5 degrees.
    More details to come.[​IMG]
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    Sep 16, 2009
    Temperature variation between on off times is regulated via the term ( hysteresis) most all thermos have it labeled on the PCB board. Really any thermostat will function in a incubator if it will regulate temp in a closed range of about 80 to 110 degrees Ferrite. This temp variance is regulated via a 1k - 5k potentiometer. ( also labeled on the temp adjuster) anything higher then a 5k will be very hard to keep the temp within 1 degrees. I have just finished a prototype of a 120v powered thermostat that regulates within 1/10 a degree and will switch a 12v or 120v heater if your looking for one. Myself and 3 electro engineers just completed it last week. I am using them in my incubators that i am selling. i am selling them for around 50 dollars. i will have one on display at the swap in ga on the 7th if you live close enough to come out. I am going to try to have a few with me to sell there but if i don't or i just run out of them then i will take orders for them.
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