They are three weeks old!


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My first hatching experience gave me 8 little fuzzybutts to dust up the house. I had 4 eggs from speckledhen hatch and 4 of my EE mutts. So without further adieu' here are the babies....

From speckledhen's eggs, 2 delaware and 2 Orps

Blue Orp Suede baby who is unnamed and we suspect to be a she.



Splash Orp Suede baby who is also unnamed but we suspect to be male.



My Delaware named Cannonball. We suspect this one to be a she. Cannonball got the name because when hatching, the baby pushed so hard that it flew out of the shell and across the incubator in a ball. We were hoping this one would be our Delaware roo but alas, we are accusing this one of being a her.



The other Delaware baby named Fattie. Fattie found the name because it was a butterball of a chick (still is) and it eats even sleeps in the food dish. We are accusing Fattie of being a male.




Then there are the 4 EE mutts...I can only identify two of the mothers at this time. One being a BA and the other being my splash cochin. However, the baby did not get the fuzzy feet

EE #1 - unknown mom


EE #2 unknown mom


EE #3 BA mom


EE #4 splash Cochin mom



On a side note, Fattie scared the daylights out of me a couple days ago. they spend the warm days outside in the tractor and Fattie was gasping sort of and suddenly sat down and dropped his head to the ground and was trying to catch its breath. Needless to say, I freaked out and grabbed him up and being alone, panic overwhelmed, I am talking to the baby and blowing in its beak and nostrils...while trying to figure out what to do.

I get little ones beak opened and see a small piece of pine bedding stuck in its throat. So now I am trying to figure out how to get my fingers in this tiny mouth to grab it...out of a 12 Cu ft bad of pine shavings, leave it to a mouthy delaware to find the only small piece to try to swallow.

So, I am running through the house looking for something to use, blowing in the baby's mouth and talking to it... "Don't you dare die on me, Cyn will have a fit" "I will have a fit" "Are you listening to me? Breath dang you" and then I see the hemostats. So I am holding baby in my left hand, prying its beak open with my pinky finger which is making baby extremely ticked off and then I grab it with the hemostats and gently pull it out. this thing was about an inch and a half long! So, I have now given my first CPR to a chick.

Fattie was up and running around in about 2 minutes and immediately outside trying to get into something else.
They are all so beautiful. i especially love that first one!

Edited to say i just read your verbiage. Wow, what a scary thing to have happen. Glad you were able to get that shaving out and save his little life.
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Me too! They get their pictures taken everyday.

Thank you, I think so too but am very partial!
They are spoiled rotten! Fattie is huge indeed. That splash is another big baby. He (we think) is gonna be a big one for sure.

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