they figured it out

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6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
so I have been putting my babies in their coop during the day for a week now, but it was still getting down into the 30's at night and 3 of them dont have all of their feathers yet, I was bringing them in at night because they were not using their coop where I put a heat lamp. Today when I got home they were all snuggled up in their coop all toasty warm. I was concerned that they would not figure it out, but they did all on their own I am one proud momma. Now it is suppose to be in the mid 20's tonight do you think they will be okay or should I still bring them in at night?
Depends on how old are they, and can you actually lock them inside with no drafts with the light. If they are around 6 weeks and have head feathers, with very little down feathers left and you have at least 6, I would leave them outside with a light. But I can totally lock mine up, and they have warm bedding and no drafts.

But that is my opinion.

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